Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 // Lets Get Productive!

So if you have been keeping up with me on my Instagram  you'll know that I, for the first in years have set out a list of New Years Resolutions.

So in order to get these moving and well... start doing them. I need to get productive! Currently has been a little struggle for me so I've decided to put together a list of ways and things that help me be productive and maybe they can help you too!

SET A GOAL // Know what you want, what you are aiming for and once you know what direction you are going in, you'll get there much quicker.

MAKE A LIST // I am such a list maker... hence this post!! But truly I am such a shatter brain so if i don't put it in my calendar or write it down it just won't be done. So invest in a nice notebook and pop it in your bag, car, the chair you watch TV or bedside you bed and make a note. Also if you end goal is quite a big one, having a list of check points that you can check off can be a great incentive and make the journey not seem as long.

GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP // I really believe you can't be to best version of yourself unless you get plenty of sleep. However I am not the best at this as I am 100% a night owl. So I've decided to have no technology time for at least 15 minutes before I go to sleep to read. I used to read a lot but sort of got out of it once Netflix stole my heart but really want to get back into reading and I find I sleep so much better if i read a little before I drift off to dream land.

LETS GET PHYSICAL // I was in a really get work out routine before I went travelling this summer and I'm just now getting back into it but I found I was so much more clear headed when I had some kind of activity. It lets your mind just relax for a while and thats when all the get ideas came to me.

LIKE MINDED PEOPLE // Surround yourself with people who support your goals and dreams, whether they are little or small goals it nice to know those around you support you in them and will be there for a boost should you it.

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