Monday, 18 May 2015

Lets Get Blooming Dressy!

I'm getting pumped for Summer, the weather is starting to heat up and everyone just seems in a better mood! 
I am in love with this floral dress from Gap, It's super versatile and could be worn with these festival ready lace up gladiator sandals or with some pumps for a Sunday Lunch or cute date night. 

Who else is in love with that Essie colour, I love that bright polishes getting dusted off for Summer. Brilliant for a pop to any outfit.  

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Life Lately // 2

Sorry I've been so MIA the last month everyone! I've been super busy at my day job and everything including my social life got pushed. Bad blogger I know!

But I thought I'd better catch you up on my what Ive been doing in a new edition of Life Lately... 

Smoothies, Tan and Back to the Gym // 

As a lot of people are doing right now, I'm trying to get that glow in time for Summer. I like to try keep active and go to the gym at least once a week and with a juice bar near my office for added immune boost my glow is slowly coming back, that with a little dash of fake tan. 

My Birthday // 

It was my birthday at the start of April so I was sent the most beautiful bunch of pink roses and celebrated with a cupcake... or two ;) 

Navy Striped Sailor Dress // 

I just picked up this dress in Tommy Hilfiger and I can't wait to wear it all Summer, its super soft and can be wore so easily at night or day

Lusting // 

I'm having all kinds of feelings for this Peony Travel Bag From Ted Baker and these Astley Clark rings 

Instragram // 

I've had an Instagram account for a while but I've started posting a lot more recently. You can follow me here

Nail Pop // 

I love reds and nudes on my nails for Winter but with the arrival of Sunshines comes out my favourite corals and bright tones. My favourite is OPI's Carnival. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Style // Spring Back

Anyone else extremely sick of dark clothes and wintery weather?!

Well I certainly am, now i may be a little too cold still here in Ireland to start stripping back the layers but I can't wait to start to see colour coming back into my everyday line up. 

As I'm in an office job now, i need to look professional everyday but also my area is creative so I love this look I've come up with. Just enough professionalism and a healthy dose of my favourite colour! 

Links Below - 

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Netflix // Buffy The Vampire Slayer

So yes I have jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. I resisted for a very long time but once I arrived home for Christmas to see a Netflix ready Smart Tv well... my fate was sealed. 

I've watched a few different series over the last couple of months so I thought Id start sharing what Ive been loving on Netflix lately. 

My current obsession is Buffy The Vampire Slayer! 

I am one of those few people who had NEVER seen Buffy so after I realised several of my now friends were complete Slayer Heads back in the day I thought I better educate myself!

...I am so glad I did! 

There are several reasons why I'm loving Buffy and here a couple of the top ones - 

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar - The attitude ridden, vampire kicking blonde bombshell is truly underneath it a feminist icon. I can see why a generation was obsessed!

2. David Boreanaz aka Angel - That chiselled jaw line and 'look into your soul' eyes... lets just say I can totally see why Buffy was willing to walk on the wild side. 

3. Prime side kicks - Buffy is completely spoiled with the flock of kick ass side kicks in Sunnydale; Willow (Alyson Hannigan, you know my love for you is eternal) Giles and yes even Cordy!

4. 90s Fashion - Buffy's highlights, perfect never changing lipsticks, platformed heels for mini golf and leopard chop tops... 90s you were quite the decade!

5. Xander - Dorky, loveable and funny... this one needs no explanation. 

What are you guys watching on Netflix right now, I've still got 5 season of Buffy to go but once all the vampires are dust I'll need some recommendations. Sound off in the comments. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Web Browsing // 2

Hey Everyone, 

As a someone who pretty much lives in the digital world a vast amount of time, the list of things I stumble across over the web is ever growing. 

Here is a little taste of what I've loved the most this week. 

1 // The Londoners Cheese and Mushrooms Bread Bowls as I fondly call them. Getting the recipe ready for this coming Sunday. I can taste the deliciousness and warm belly feeling already. A perfect Sunday treat in the grey weather bout we are having right now. 

2 // As per normal Catalina Creative has turned me onto another feast for the eyes. This archived Vogue photo shoot in Paris. As a paris girl at heart, I'll be dreaming of this shoots for many nights to come. 

3 //  My recently acquired new Blog to follow and adore. Harper and Harley is an Australian model and blogger who works with Net A Porter frequently. Sunny, Stunning Tanned and highlighting the best of black classic pieces. I was sold at sunny! 

4 //  Classic Paintings captioned with Mean Girls quotes. If you're someone who enjoys laughing. Click NOW!

5 // I love Cinnamon. And when I was in America, giant, gooey hot Cinnamon Rolls where easy to find but here in Ireland not so much. I will eventually make them from scratch and when I do it will be this amazing recipe

6 // With everyone wearing their love tinted glasses for the upcoming Valentines Day, I've decided to admire these great people. They were completely badass and yes, single. 

7 // I am certainly not someone who can wear heel to work everyday. So these J.Crew pointed flats will be the next splurge to my closet. They are so chic and following the teachings of Harper & Harley, classic black is the way forward. 

8 // As the child who played her Cinderella VHS tape until it was broken my inner 6 squealed with joy when I heard that MAC was doing a collection inspired by Cinderella. The Collection is coming out in conjunction with the new Live Action Cinderella movie starring Lily James. Is it too early to book my tickets? What can I say... I'll be a disney kid forever! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 // Lets Get Productive!

So if you have been keeping up with me on my Instagram  you'll know that I, for the first in years have set out a list of New Years Resolutions.

So in order to get these moving and well... start doing them. I need to get productive! Currently has been a little struggle for me so I've decided to put together a list of ways and things that help me be productive and maybe they can help you too!

SET A GOAL // Know what you want, what you are aiming for and once you know what direction you are going in, you'll get there much quicker.

MAKE A LIST // I am such a list maker... hence this post!! But truly I am such a shatter brain so if i don't put it in my calendar or write it down it just won't be done. So invest in a nice notebook and pop it in your bag, car, the chair you watch TV or bedside you bed and make a note. Also if you end goal is quite a big one, having a list of check points that you can check off can be a great incentive and make the journey not seem as long.

GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP // I really believe you can't be to best version of yourself unless you get plenty of sleep. However I am not the best at this as I am 100% a night owl. So I've decided to have no technology time for at least 15 minutes before I go to sleep to read. I used to read a lot but sort of got out of it once Netflix stole my heart but really want to get back into reading and I find I sleep so much better if i read a little before I drift off to dream land.

LETS GET PHYSICAL // I was in a really get work out routine before I went travelling this summer and I'm just now getting back into it but I found I was so much more clear headed when I had some kind of activity. It lets your mind just relax for a while and thats when all the get ideas came to me.

LIKE MINDED PEOPLE // Surround yourself with people who support your goals and dreams, whether they are little or small goals it nice to know those around you support you in them and will be there for a boost should you it.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Hey There 2015!

Hey there my lovelies,

Apologies for the long absence of posts, I took an extended Christmas break and only now with all my friends having flow back to across the world am I now back in work mode. 

While I got up to plenty over the Holidays it was mainly spent it with family and in my friends houses. While some, like K, love being on the bloggo others aren't that keen on it so I left the camera at home and just enjoyed the moments as they came. However while I left the bloggo alone for a while I did post like a trooper on my Instagram. Which you can find right here. 

As I may have mentioned previously I've just left a job and right now I'm waiting to start my new job at the end of this month. So I'm taking a break for this month, getting settled in my new house, enjoying being back with family, watching lots of movies and really taking some time to think about how I'd like the coming year to go and my new years resolutions. 

Im really happy with my New Years Resolutions, I don't normally make them honestly but I think these are just good things to have in mind for 2015 and activities I'm going to enjoy. 

Because of what I'm up to for this month and starting a new job I won't be posting at the frequency I once was. When I was at my top blogging form I was posting 3 times a week. But I noticed the quality of my posts slipping because I wanted the frequency, but I'd rather post even just once a week and having it be a great post than 3 only ok posts. I hope you guys think the same and so you don't miss a post, hope over to my twitter and Facebook pages to get updates and added goodies. 

Hoping you all had a happy and peaceful holiday season and heres to a kickass 2015!