Friday, 28 February 2014

Competition Time!

Hey All,

and,  Happy Friday!

So, to sum up, you all have been pretty amazing since I started 'Because Amy says' with wonderful comments and emails.

And, I thought y'all were in line for reward time & here it is!

The fabulous O.P.I Rock Goddess mini nail polish set

The set includes 4 great bright colour to get you in the Spring Time mood and and fab black and silver skull bracelet.

So for all you Rock Gods out there who want to be in with a chance to win, follow these guidelines - 

  • There will be a post about this giveaway on the Facebook page also; make sure to 'Like' the post and 'Share' it. 

And thats it! You're in with a chance.

It's really that easy!

If you don't have a Facebook page follow these guidelines to be in with a chance to win -

  • comment on this post you're favourite colour to paint your nails 
  • Follow Because Amy Says on Bloglovin

The competition is open to all.

The winner will be chosen at random and the winner with be announce here on the blog and the Facebook page next friday.

**For extra brownie points and to have your name entered into the draw twice follow both guidelines; so a Facebook page like, Competition post like & share, comment below and follow on bloglovin.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Interior Minds

I have an odd hobby, I do it when I'm bored or feeling in a partially 'dreaming' mood, and, this hobby is Interior Lusting.

There! You caught me! I fess up.

I love interior design and architecture shows and how been know to flip through the occasional Elle Decor Magazine.

And, sometimes when I get in one of these moods I tend to fix on one area, dreaming of how I'll design my future house but today I find my mind going to another area of my future life - my job/office!

Now, I'm on the road of the career, but when I reach the top I know exactly what kind of office I want.

- Anna Wintour's

Its chic, strong and the right amount business as well as being absolutely beautiful.

But I've never been one to limit myself to one option so I created a little mood board of my future dream place where I hope to do important and creative things in...hopefully for a lot of money. 

Fingers Crossed, anyway! 

Feast your eyes on this puppy. And, be careful not to drool on your keyboard!

I can't wait to get my mitts on an office to call my own. 

For now my bedroom/dining room table/ college studio will have to do. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Petals in the Air

Today I'm craving flowers. I love having fresh flowers around the house, but winter is not the best for this fancy.

Spring could you please hurry up! I'd like some Peonies back in my kitchen, thank you.

I mean, what morning wouldn't be better with these beauties greeting you.

What are your favourite flowers to have around the house? 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Youtube Web

I have to ask you all a question, has anyone in the world EVER gone on Youtube for just one video or a just mere minutes?

I'm convinced that side column of 'recommended for you' is the devil against productive activity.

But I had to share these little giggles with you all.

So I don't know if any of you have seen these Disney Princess movie parody trailers before, I had, the Mean Girls one anyone. A friend sent me a link, oh probably a couple of years ago now at this point and I have to admit and had a good laugh.

So when it popped up in my youtube dashboard again I had to have a watch.

45 minutes or so later... I'd watched all these and more! See, I told you the 'recommended column' is out to get me.

And I had to share with you, something to clear up those Monday blues and put a cheeky smile on your face.

Here are my top choices


He's Just not that into you 

Bride Wars

Hunger Games

She's the Man

The one that started this all, Mean Girls.


The Notebook 

I think my two favourites are the She's the Man & The Notebook ones. Thought that's possibly because I have a soft spot for those movies.

I hope you all have a little giggle to brighten your Monday.

Have a good week all!

Also watch this space, I may have a competition for you lucky people coming this week ;)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Day of Valentine

Happy Valentines Day All!

Ok straight off I’m going to level with you, I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day. 

I’m a firm believer that love should be experienced every day and not just once a year, I'm of the ideal if you love someone show them as frequently as possible. 

But I love love, and under my deeply sarcastic exterior there is just a big old romantic softy. 

I am also a sucker for a heart print, I'm still drooling over Burberry's Heart collection last season. 

So if you're lacking in festive spirit here are a few things to get you in the Val Day mood. 

And remember my bloggees, Valentines Day is not just for couples but everyone, why not celebrate the love you have for yourself this Valentines Day and buy yourself a gift you've been lusting for ages or go celebrate best friend love with your single girlfriends at a fabulous restaurant of in front of the telly in fuzzy onesies.  

Or forget about Valentines day altogether and go do an awesome activity in your area like go-karting or visiting an art gallery.

They say we can write our rules in Love why not write our own rules in Valentines Day. 

Happy Celebrating! 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Afternoon Birmingham

After being thoroughly wind swept on our morning walk we thought perhaps some retail therapy was needed. 

We hopped the train to Birmingham and indulged a little in the fashion department but the major splurge came much later.  

But jumping in and out of dressing rooms and shuffling the rails can be quite tiring so we headed on to Wagamamas for lunch. As you can tell I was quite excited. 

After Lunch we headed back out into the breeze and charged down the Old part of Birmingham. 

My major splurging of the day came instead in this place, the fabulous Waterstones. A chain of vintagely decorated book stores in England.  

Just look at that ceiling. It just gives me to feeling of History and learning, like great thoughts might have been thought underneath it. 

Me and K spent at least an hour rumbling through the shelves. Once meeting with these books in our hands. Can you guess who held which ? Hint - I've got a thing for stripes *wink wink. 

Once I found the fashion section, K had to rip me off the shelves only on the promise to bury me there some day. 

Lets just say, I was in love and might have come away with more than my fair share of books or perhaps a dozen... I won't tell if you don't. 

After exchanging my pennies for pages and still a little time before out train home we decided to indulge in that of the sweet variety. Cafe Nero hot chocolates did just the treat!

As you can see it perked us up to no end. 

And it also gave K a chance to take out the Tarot Cards she had bought, she read my fortune which was quite happiness ridden, so I was a happy duck. 

K even showed me how to do it, though as you can see she wasn't as happy with her cards, perhaps I need to read the manual a bit more! 

Aside from the cards, it was a great, if not too short of a weekend full of laughter and fun.

And I have one thing to tell K who is undoubtedly reading - COME HOME SOON! I miss you. 

Now I just have no problem, where will I go next?!

Any suggestions  ? 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Morning Keele!

So I'm not sure If I mention this to you all but my best friend lives in another country.

I know it's incredibly inconsiderate of her to leave me, but I've given her a pass seeing as she's there to learn stuff from very large books.

But it does give me a excuse to travel a little more and last weekend I finally got the time to jump the pond and visit her in University.

I arrived on a Friday afternoon amid miserable English January weather and hopped on the train, my preferred mode of travel on land and left Birmingham straight up to Stoke and on to Keele.

I read & watched some old episodes of That 70s Show on the train but the journey was a comfortable yet dull one so of course boredom selfies (Below, Left) ensued. 

I was wonderfully greeted my a waiting buddy at the Train Station, it was the cutest thing ever and I love her for that kind of stuff. 
I arrived in her Uni room bursting for the loo, I leave my phone unattended for a couple of minutes and I find this (Above, right) on my phone... clearly we are 'meant to be' best friends. 

The following morning after a good catch up chat, a fab meal cooked by Ks roommate and a good nights sleep we ventured out to blow off the cobwebs and I was given the grand tour of Keele, well the old parts anyway. 

Ok this is not the most exciting thing and you might be able to see but this is the largest collection of squirrels EVER. There were at least 7 just hanging out as we strolled past. 
I wonder what a pack of squirrels are called? Anyone know?

K very proud of the beauty of her Uni. 

I swear I have some Harry Potter flashbacks in this Courtyard.

Me pretending to be a Student and also pretty excited I could reach the top! 

And au naturale for us, one more selfies of us leaving our stroll behind and thoroughly wind swept ready for the next part of our day. 

On to Birmingham we go...

But lets not get ahead of our selves now, more on that tomorrow. 

Also apologies on some of the grainy images, being the clever clogs that I am I remembered to pack my camera charger...and not the camera itself. I know, smarty pants right? 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Whisper Some Wise Words

Ok Kidds, Its going to be very short and sweet today, but I had to share this with you today.

Sort of a quote more of a poster and all around fabulous.

I partly love it for how Sassy it is and its something I could imagine Angelina Jolie say in whispered tones and totally pull off as being the sexiest thing ever said.

It's something I found on Tumblr a while ago and has really stuck with me.

How perfect is it!? I just love it. 

Anyway all my bloggees, have a great rest of your day. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Moving Day

Well I don't have much of a post for you guys today I'm afraid, because guess what...I'M Moving!

Exciting right but this means that not only am I need deep in suitcases and boxes but I also have little time on my paws so today is very short and sweet and just a highlight on what I'm up to.

And also a promise that I'll have pictures of my new place and also from my trip away this past weekend to my best friend up very soon.

Shoot! I'm moving truck is leaving without me!! Got to go run after it, excuse me... *RUNS!

And, If you want to be up to date with my goings on more frequently, head on over to the Facebook page here or the box just to the right of the blog post and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON. There may also be a competition in it for you. 

Happy Monday All!