Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I am extremely lucking that most of my friends like me, have a great sweet tooth. So when we get together it's time to indulge! After all everyone deserves a treat every now and again

The name of the game this time was S'mores! 

Marshmallows, Biscuit and Chocolate is all you need for this one, its that simple!

I'll give you a second to clean up your drool.

  1. Get your plain biscuit, a square of chocolate (or perhaps some of the leftover Easter Egg?) and a marshmallow or two and 
  2. Pile them on top of each each other
  3. Pop onto a tray
  4. And into the oven they go!

Cook till chocolate is melted and marshmallows and gooey and golden brown. 

What you get, should be chewy, soft, super sweet and all around indulgent pleasure. 

Serve with milk or as we did, with some Prosecco and don't forget the most important accompaniment... giggling, marshmallow mouthed friends. 


*Also a perfect treat for the coming weekend!


  1. I've always wanted to try smores but for some reason never have! I really should, these look amazing! x

    1. You definitely should! They are super easy and such a sticky sweet treat :) Thanks for reading x