Friday, 24 January 2014

Style 1.0.1

Ok, so I love fashion. Hand on my heart I do, I think its power is unbelievable and undervalued.
But, I don't go for trends; trends pass with time, style is eternal.

So for all you readers I thought I'd sum up some of my go to styles and wrap up in a neat little bow what has taken me years to figure out (aren't you lucky ducks!)

Ok, so let start with the basics - Everyone should have a couple of good quality t-shirts for everyday wear. Its just a must have, trust me. I also love a simple denim shirt, I love they have come back and its easy to find a simple one that is great to go with, black jeans a skirt, whatever you want.

Get yourself to a store and invest!

Next on the list is a good pair of jeans. Jeans can make or break your figure. Get a good pair that sits well on your hips, the right length and lets just say it, curves your ass in the right way. 

I love J Brand, yes they are expensive but they will wash a million times over and not lose their colour and the staff if you go to the right place will find the perfect fit for you.

Footwear, Marilyn Monroe said it best when when she said "Give a women the right shoes, she can conquer the world" 
I'm a fan of boots, I get it from my mom she wears them all the time. 
I haven't got them yet, but my dream boots are a pair of Isabel Marant 'Dicker' boots (below, right) but there are so many copies out there. I may own a pair, or two... 

Sweater weather, I rejoice at the arrival of this every year. A happy dance may or may not be done. *wink wink

I go for the sloughy oversized ones & cashmere will always have a special place in my heart. 

I have one or two pieces of it. Once the ol' income is a little larger I will be expanding the collection. I fully recommend an investment into one. On these cool winter nights, you'll be thanking me! 

Ahhh, The Time Old Tale, The Little Black Dress. Its a tough one and one many women have spent years in search of the perfect one. 

The ones below are the ones I think would suit the most figures ala ASOS

The left one for a more proper event, and the one on the right for a slightly sexed up evening. (I have the one on the right and believe me, its a hit! )

But remember, like people black dresses come in all shapes and size. 

Definitely a staple for any closet. Great to pull out at a moments notice and good for almost every occasion. 

In the accessories department I tend to, for the most, keep it pretty simple. 

A pair of diamond studs and my Daniel Wellington watch and I'm out the door.

I wear them both so much a tend to feel pretty naked without them. Though for an event, a date or something a little bit fancy I'll pop on some rings, or pile on the gold bangles. 

Actually, I just had a great purchase of some new rings while at the Camden Markets in London, if you're any way in the area, I recommend a trip. 

Scarves, I honestly fear that my head can't be held up without one! 

Winter rolls around and thats it, say goodbye to my neck you won't see it until at least April. 

In the height of Winter, I personally love wool. Zara is my go to for scarves the last couple of seasons. 

Both the scarves below are from there and I'm toting both this season and in the off time have the casual cuddle with them, they are so snug! 

Get yourself to the nearest Zara, I was about to say 'and splurge' but at these prices they are more of a steal! 

Well those are my two cents on the matter and style and your everyday life. Over time I'll come back with some more musings on the topic. The best going out threads, the travel uniform, etc so watch this space. 

But until then, below is a little inspiration for the closet situation to get you through this Autumn/Winter Season. 

And always remember - 

As I said in my other post, I really believe the right outfit can change you attitude and put a little wiggle in your walk down the street. So tomorrow get on those great jeans and strut it out.


  1. Every time I go shopping, I know I need clothes but not exactly what and end up coming home with more party dresses. Might take this next time.. :)
    Lucy x
    La Lingua : Food + Life in Milano

    1. So glad my blog could help Lucy! Thanks for reading x

  2. Hi Amy, I like your style! I'm glad I found your blog!

    1. I'm glad you've found it too Danielle! Thanks for reading x

  3. Love this post! Everything you said is so true.