Friday, 28 November 2014

Cosy Winter Nights

There is many things I love about Winter but Cozy nights nights in are high on the list!

Here is all I need to have a lovely night in, what are your go to comforts ? 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Campaigns!

OK, So I know there has always been the eager folks waiting to see the Coca Cola Ad and you can include me in your group but has anyone noticed in recent years that Christmas Advertisng has re invited as a major event and something I know find myself eagerly waiting to see what new year stores across the nations have found to tug at my heart strings.

This has been a triumphant year in this department. Here are a couple of my favourite Christmas Campaigns from the last couple of weeks. Heres hoping it puts you in the festive spirits as they have for me!

The newest member of the favourites must be the Sainsburys one. Simple fantastic, a nod to history and I think its important to remember how lucky we are to be at home at Christmas with loved ones, not everyone can be.

As someone who has been waiting for family to come home at Christmas, and spends most of my Christmas in my car visiting family. Boots you hit the mark with this one. 

If you were ever in doubt that the Beckhams are the Power Family of a Nation then here is Romeo Beckham, star of the Burberry Christmas Campaign. 

For the Topshop Ladies, Have a Rock and Roll Christmas with Cara. 

Speaking as the shy kid in the corner in Primary School, this one hit me hard, well done Waitrose.

Last but certainly not least in my opinion the Daddy of the Christmas Ad - John Lewis. I don't think a penguin has ever gotten me so emotional. 

Any Christmas campaigns that brought a tear to your eye? 
Whats been your favourite festival viewing ? 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I Have An Addiction | Stripes


Blue and White being my favourite colour combination how could I not. And yes, my friends do mock me for it. But, with the addition of my millionth blue and white striped jumper I think they have earned that right.

I refuse to change this addiction now, I'm committed and I'm ok with it. I don't need help. I could quit if I wanted to. I swear... I COULD QUIT ANY TIME I WANT, OK?!

But for now have you seen this A.P.C. navy striped Jumper?

Whats your go to style ? Anything you have a million copies of in your closet ?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dance It Out | 2

I have not done a music post in a long time and it was one of my liked posts so I thought it was high time to get another up here!

So this is what I've been listening to lately...

First up, Walkie Talkie Man now you might be like... wait what is this song? Well just have a listen and is you were a teen in the 00s then you will know it. I heard it again recently and Im loving the get up and go beat to it and going to add to my running playlist. Press play and enjoy the teenage flashbacks.

Next is my man of the moment George Ezra, English, dreamy and the most amazing voice. This is a taste of his music for you guys and my favourite. If you like it I highly recommend checking out his album, its fantastic. 

I had to give a nod to woman of the hour Taylor Swift or T.Swifty as I like to call her. I mean 1989... INCREDIBLE, I loved it and I'm not ashamed to say it. But Blank Space is at the tied for the top prize along with Welcome to New York, though with a music video like this... Blank Space may have won the title. I would like to live in this music video and Sean O Pry aka the video model can stay right there too.

And last night I completely rocked out to Bon Jovi Greatest Hits. What can I say I like to keep things as random as possible. 

What are you guys all listening to right now ? I'm always looking for some new tunes. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Lounging Sundays

Sundays in my household are most definitely the day of rest and relaxation. So Sunday demand only the comfiest of clothes. In my books this means the softest sweater I can find... this new J Crew cashmere is CALLING ME and a giant blanket and the latest issue of Vogue to flip through, 

You can find my Lounging Outfit here 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Birthday Tumblr!

My Tumblr turned 2 recently! I get excited my any passing milestone even the little things and my tumblr is something I'm quite proud of. I've got quite a few followers now since my simple startings on one rainy bored Friday night. 

Tumblr is without a one of my favourite ways to pass time. I love roaming through all the images and I find a lot of ideas in my dashboard. After all Because Amy Says was started off of my Tumblr Blog. 

Thanks for the endless distraction and inspiration.

Happy 2nd Birthday Because Amy Says, the Tumblr that is *wink wink. 

If you aren't already a follower or haven't seen my Tumblr go take a peak. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Branson Knows Best

Any Downton Abbey Fans out there? If so, you are looking at a fellow devotee. 

I had instance love for The Abbey since 2010... Wow 4 years ago! How time flies. 

I've adored Branson in the show since his arrival downstairs to his emergents in the world upstairs. His character is wonderfully written full of elegance and acted as such by the wonderful Allen Leech. 

I was wondering about online and I came across this Branson quote from a past season and I absolutely love and agree with it. 

Granted we could sit around and quote Downton Characters until the cows come home but I really do hold a candle to this one. 

But enough of that... What did you think of the Downton Abbey Finale Last night?! 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Riot Club

I saw The Riot Club when it was released with a friend.

I'd been very interested by the story and fantastically strong young british cast that i'd been aware of its since its production. So once its was out in my local cinema I dragged my fellow private school survivor with me to see it one late Tuesday evening.

Several days later once A and I saw each other again, it sparked conversation when another friend asked should she see it. We said yes but I found I didn't even know how to recommend it.

As its one of those films you see and it remains at the forefront of your thoughts for a very long time afterwards but you don't know how to discuss it.

It's honestly  one of those films that I can't properly describe to do it justice.

But what I can say about The Riot Club or rather its members, is that they'll charm you, enthral you, seduce you, horrify and confuse you, all while making you so uncomfortable, that you won't be able to speak or look away from them.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween Makeup...

I hope you had a lovely and wicked Hallows Eve. Here a a couple of pictures of the makeup I wore on Halloween Night. Sorry there is no outfit pictures but I didn't risk bringing out my camera. But It was just a simple LBD.

What did you guys get up to on Halloween ?