Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dance it out

I love music.

But by no means am I musically gifted. I can't play any instruments, I do sing occasionally and my shower head has never complained. But, I love listening to music & I never go anywhere without a pair of headphones.

I've always had the I'll listen to anything once kind of attitude. Which has in turn has left me with an IPod with everything from Elvis to Classical Violin to Michael Buble to The Donnas and One Republic.

I'm a firm believer that music can improve/change your mood in a instance by reducing someone to tears or getting them up on their feet moving about with bounds of energy and a smile ear to ear.

And, I do love to dance, and I had a thought last night thinking about all my friends locked away in libraries studying their little brain offs stressed about exams. That there should a sound system in every college library and every couple of hours they should blast out some happy music and have a 3 minute dance party. Just to loosen everyone up a bit and get the blood flowing again. What do you think, good idea?

I generally study at home and if I'm sitting for ages I get an awful pain in my knee joints (a long story) so I get up away from my desk pop on some happy music and dance about like crazy and stretch out for a couple of minutes and you know what, I really think it helps my work and ideas come to me that wouldn't if i just continued sitting starring at the page.

First up, Happy by Pharell Williams. I feel like my love affair with this guy is just started. But, Mr. Williams keep giving me music like this and I'm in it for the long hall. 

Jessie J - Sexy Lady. Girls, you know this one needs no introductions.

Lastly, Timber - Ke$ha Ft. Pitbull. I just like this sound, very much a get up and move your butt song. 


Now that is a very minimal list, but I think I might make this post a regular, perhaps a bi weekly dose of happy music on the blog, What do you think? 


  1. I think the three minute dance party is a brilliant idea! Although could you imagine walking in half way through if you didn't know what the heck was going on?!

    1. It would seem a tad odd alright! But I'd hope they'd be a fun enough person to just join right in and think 'Wow...This is best library ever!'