Friday, 31 January 2014

Booking Around

Happy Friday All!

When I was little I loved to read and I still do but I've become a massive TV & Movie nut as I got older and in the last couple of years I'm been reading less and less, so you've read me harping on about 2014 being awesome and this to me means reading...and a lot!... well, as much as I can.

I mean where I have a house of my own I want to fill it with books, so I figure I better get reading!

Here's a look at what I'm reading right now, books I have on the way & on my wish list.

Melissa Explains It All, by Melissa Hart 
Swimming Studies, by Leanne Shapton
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
The Body Book, by Cameron Diaz

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn 
Kinfolk Table, The Recipes for Small Gatherings, by Nathan Williams
Z: A Novel Of Zelda Fitzgerald, by Therese Ann Fowler
Sense & Sensibility, by Joanna Trollope

Right now I'm reading 'The Fault in Our Star' and it couldn't have come at a better time as I'll be training it around England this weekend to see my best friend for the weekend. 

So look out for my posts on it next week, as well as a recipe post I just didn't get time to put up this week. 

All are available on Amazon or I'm sure your local books store. 

Here's also a good read on Books to read and movies to look out for in 2014.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Old Traditions I Love

Today I've been thinking about something (as you've noticed, I do that a lot! ) anyway, back to my point I've been thinking about...

I mean who doesn't get a little excited at the appearance of a letter through the post box. 

But aside from the occasional birthday card through the postbox, these occurrences have been slim to none and honestly this makes me a little sad. 

I think of the letters that were written be candle light sent to a lover in a far off land in Elizabethan Times; A Lady missing her friend who has married and traveling at her husbands side or A soldier writing to their families at home telling them they'll be back home soon. 

I guess this is the romantic in me clambering to get out. 

Letter writing should not be a thing of the past. Certain old traditions should be kept in the modern world. 

With a New Year only just started I'm going to try my best to start writing letters again and if you follow anything I say on 'Because Amy Says' then I urge you to do the same. 

Buy a stamp and send your Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters or Friend a note if just to tell them Hello and that you were thinking of them. 

I think I might make this a regular thing, 'Old Traditions I Love', What do you think? 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Baker's Girl

Happy Monday Everyone!

I'm in the mood for dancing...wait, no, I meant baking! Darn those catchy 80s song lyrics.

I love to bake and have ever since I was little and my wonderful next door neighbour taught me how to bake brown bread from scratch.

From there the love blossomed, at one point I even considered going to culinary school to become a Baker/Pastry Chef alas that ambition didnt come to head and I'm preparing myself to join the Digital/Business/Publishing world.

But I still bake and purely for the love of it.

And, today I have a serious case of Baker's Mind. 

I follow lots of other foodie blogs such as Joy The BakerThe Londoner and The Sprouted Kitchen, regularly bookmarking ideas and working up their creations. 

Except, I can't decide what to bake. 

Maybe one of these? 

Hmmmm, I'll get back to you later with my decisions and possibly some pictures. 

Though I fear it may end up as many of my post baking pictures do...

Anything you're craving today? Or are you a complete savoury head ?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Style 1.0.1

Ok, so I love fashion. Hand on my heart I do, I think its power is unbelievable and undervalued.
But, I don't go for trends; trends pass with time, style is eternal.

So for all you readers I thought I'd sum up some of my go to styles and wrap up in a neat little bow what has taken me years to figure out (aren't you lucky ducks!)

Ok, so let start with the basics - Everyone should have a couple of good quality t-shirts for everyday wear. Its just a must have, trust me. I also love a simple denim shirt, I love they have come back and its easy to find a simple one that is great to go with, black jeans a skirt, whatever you want.

Get yourself to a store and invest!

Next on the list is a good pair of jeans. Jeans can make or break your figure. Get a good pair that sits well on your hips, the right length and lets just say it, curves your ass in the right way. 

I love J Brand, yes they are expensive but they will wash a million times over and not lose their colour and the staff if you go to the right place will find the perfect fit for you.

Footwear, Marilyn Monroe said it best when when she said "Give a women the right shoes, she can conquer the world" 
I'm a fan of boots, I get it from my mom she wears them all the time. 
I haven't got them yet, but my dream boots are a pair of Isabel Marant 'Dicker' boots (below, right) but there are so many copies out there. I may own a pair, or two... 

Sweater weather, I rejoice at the arrival of this every year. A happy dance may or may not be done. *wink wink

I go for the sloughy oversized ones & cashmere will always have a special place in my heart. 

I have one or two pieces of it. Once the ol' income is a little larger I will be expanding the collection. I fully recommend an investment into one. On these cool winter nights, you'll be thanking me! 

Ahhh, The Time Old Tale, The Little Black Dress. Its a tough one and one many women have spent years in search of the perfect one. 

The ones below are the ones I think would suit the most figures ala ASOS

The left one for a more proper event, and the one on the right for a slightly sexed up evening. (I have the one on the right and believe me, its a hit! )

But remember, like people black dresses come in all shapes and size. 

Definitely a staple for any closet. Great to pull out at a moments notice and good for almost every occasion. 

In the accessories department I tend to, for the most, keep it pretty simple. 

A pair of diamond studs and my Daniel Wellington watch and I'm out the door.

I wear them both so much a tend to feel pretty naked without them. Though for an event, a date or something a little bit fancy I'll pop on some rings, or pile on the gold bangles. 

Actually, I just had a great purchase of some new rings while at the Camden Markets in London, if you're any way in the area, I recommend a trip. 

Scarves, I honestly fear that my head can't be held up without one! 

Winter rolls around and thats it, say goodbye to my neck you won't see it until at least April. 

In the height of Winter, I personally love wool. Zara is my go to for scarves the last couple of seasons. 

Both the scarves below are from there and I'm toting both this season and in the off time have the casual cuddle with them, they are so snug! 

Get yourself to the nearest Zara, I was about to say 'and splurge' but at these prices they are more of a steal! 

Well those are my two cents on the matter and style and your everyday life. Over time I'll come back with some more musings on the topic. The best going out threads, the travel uniform, etc so watch this space. 

But until then, below is a little inspiration for the closet situation to get you through this Autumn/Winter Season. 

And always remember - 

As I said in my other post, I really believe the right outfit can change you attitude and put a little wiggle in your walk down the street. So tomorrow get on those great jeans and strut it out.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


So in a bid to make 2014 the most amazing year so far, I'm trying to be as healthy as I can while still enjoying food.

And one thing that I was so bad at in 2013 was eating breakfast. I know, I'm extremely bold.

Its the most important meal of the day and actually my favourite meal to have.

And, lately I seem to be all about eggs. Love em, morning noon and night and yes I am singing the 'How do you like your eggs in the morning..." song as I cook them.

So I'm being a very good girl now and after some breakfast inspiration (like this below) I'm begrudgingly parting with my bed 10 minutes earlier and have a hearty protein rich breakfast.

Whats your favourite thing to have in the morning, are you more of a pancakes, cereal or smoothie type of person ? 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bucket List Tid Bit

Happy Monday Everyone!

Ok, so I know I was talking to you all about Bucket List before and while mine is still being worked on.

I've been researching others, doing some deep thinking and just a pinch of reflecting and I found this great little picture of one on Tumblr last night doing just that.

Seems like a good set up to me. Get though everyday, have fun and don't forget to have Pizza.

And with those every basic guidelines, go forth into the week and live the best you can.

So do tell, how have your Bucket Lists been going?

Friday, 17 January 2014

Four Idols & Me

So lately I've been thinking about idols and those we look up to. 

It seems lately you can't swing a bag without finding a celebrity who thinks they're an idol or complains they don't want to be one. 

Well I think idol is all in the eye of the beholder. 

And while I do think everyone should try to be the best version of themselves, i think everyone should have someone to look up to. 

I've been thinking about my idols/ those I'd like to be like. 

Now, I have certain family and friend who I look up to and love for tons of different reasons

But I do have my TV heroines!

Drumroll please...

First up, C.J Cregg from The West Wing. C.J was press secretary to the President, an all around Bad-Ass, the smartest female political mind to grace TV and had a quick wit to boot! 

I look up to her most of all and C.J. is and will be now forever be my idol. 

Next up Lois Lane. I was a super fan of smallville and watched it from day one until the bitter end (Yes I cried at the last episode! No judgement here remember. Nerd until the end guys )

Lois was strong, confident, could kick some serious butt and was ambitious as heck. 

Lois I'd be proud to be your second in command anyway! 

Lorelai, Lorelai, Lorelai.... When I have children and if I have a daughter I will need to be seriously talked out of naming my future daughter after this lady for how much I heart her. 

After a teenage pregnancy, she forged her own path, put herself through college all while working her way up from being a maid to owning her own successful Inn. 

As if her quick tongue and coffee addiction weren't reason enough to love her! 

And last and certainly not least Ms. Blair Waldorf.

Now I know she was a tad crazy in her days but hey who didn't have a crazy few teen years? 

But Blair did sort out her life, got her man and ended up having a beautiful family all while running a multi million dollar international fashion house. 

Yes, she's on the list and the place is deserved, now where did I put my trusty headband from back in the day... 

Hope you enjoyed my list guys.

Who are your idols? Have I overlooked anyone?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bravo Zara

So I've been a bit under the weather this week. And feeling pretty much like Arnold up there.

And when I'm sick and not in your presence, take it as fact that If I'm at home I'm my pyjamas on the sofa.

And while this does give me time to catch up on past times I miss in flurries of work and assignments like... West Wing marathons for example, and internet window shopping!

The best place for sales (minus the shoving, I might add) and great place to see all the new collections sometimes before they even get into stores.

Last night I lost myself in the new Zara shoe collection. I mean look at these puppies!

...I may just buy them and stare at them.

I'm particularly in love with 9, 2, 7, 6, 8....You know what, I LOVE THEM ALL.

Now I know how Carrie Bradshaw felt, It's a slippery slope ladies.

Im holding my nerve right now but I think the number 9s will be heading my way by friday.

If any of you feel like indulging then here are the links. (Just click the corresponding numbers.)

Let me know if you do, or even send me a pic.

Which ones are your favourite?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Longing for Sundays

Why can't everyday be Sunday?

A day of rest, relaxation and ....

And, more of this... 

Can we please just rewind back to Sunday... or at least move up to this Sunday. 

Really... is that so much to ask for? 

Friday, 10 January 2014

A Night Out With Mr. Whitehall

So there is something you should know about me, I love to laugh.

It's hardly an alarming fact to learn about someone, but I especially do and when it comes to my all time favourite comedian a certain Mr. Jack Whitehall or, as so many people should call him...Sir Jack, I love nothing more than to sit back and let the chuckles roll on.

So when he released a date for his current tour in Dublin, there was no second option in the question as whether to go, one answer...Feck Yes!!

So tickets were obtained and Christmas was spent in excited anticipation.

The day arrived and off to Vicar Street I went...

with a Giant Teddy Bear,

An awesome bar,

And a great friend, my favourite combination of things!

A hardy round of drinks were had to start,

and it was time for the laughter begin! 

The show was absolutely brilliant. 

Jack explained at the start these dates were his 'warm up' dates so he was still figuring out the line up and ironing out the kinks of the show. 

It made the laughs all that bit more raw, and in my opinion funnier. I love him natural bouncing stuff out at a moments notice, like he does on A League of Their Own. 

I literally laughed until I cried, such a great night. 

Thanks a bunch Sir Jack! 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dance it out

I love music.

But by no means am I musically gifted. I can't play any instruments, I do sing occasionally and my shower head has never complained. But, I love listening to music & I never go anywhere without a pair of headphones.

I've always had the I'll listen to anything once kind of attitude. Which has in turn has left me with an IPod with everything from Elvis to Classical Violin to Michael Buble to The Donnas and One Republic.

I'm a firm believer that music can improve/change your mood in a instance by reducing someone to tears or getting them up on their feet moving about with bounds of energy and a smile ear to ear.

And, I do love to dance, and I had a thought last night thinking about all my friends locked away in libraries studying their little brain offs stressed about exams. That there should a sound system in every college library and every couple of hours they should blast out some happy music and have a 3 minute dance party. Just to loosen everyone up a bit and get the blood flowing again. What do you think, good idea?

I generally study at home and if I'm sitting for ages I get an awful pain in my knee joints (a long story) so I get up away from my desk pop on some happy music and dance about like crazy and stretch out for a couple of minutes and you know what, I really think it helps my work and ideas come to me that wouldn't if i just continued sitting starring at the page.

First up, Happy by Pharell Williams. I feel like my love affair with this guy is just started. But, Mr. Williams keep giving me music like this and I'm in it for the long hall. 

Jessie J - Sexy Lady. Girls, you know this one needs no introductions.

Lastly, Timber - Ke$ha Ft. Pitbull. I just like this sound, very much a get up and move your butt song. 


Now that is a very minimal list, but I think I might make this post a regular, perhaps a bi weekly dose of happy music on the blog, What do you think? 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013... WHAT a year

Well New Years Eve has come and gone and the first 'real day' as in day I have to do proper work is here.

So life can now replace the constant rotation of parties, eating & drinking all around and festive decoration are tucked away for their Summer hibernation.

But as I settle in the course work, late night studying and once again having no money, I find myself taking a couple of minutes this morning to reminisce over my last year.

Now this past year hasn't be the best for me, and honestly I couldn't wait for NYE to come and to start a new and fresh.

But when I look back, it has involved a lot of change, some upsets, but a lot of growth and strength has come from this and I figure when I can learn from life events and mature from them, then they were totally worth it.

But looking back I'm choosing to look back at only good.

So here are my highlights, big and small and not to sound too corny but in the words of Bon Jovi

"It's my life, it's now or never

I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive"

The man knows what he's talking about...

So, here goes a few little highlights from my past year...

My Mum get married my stepfather, this was not only a joyous event for all my family but also gave me and my best friends a chance to party in style. 

 I went to Barcelona with my college buddies. 

Got a job in the Hampton's, granted I didn't get to go because I had to be rushed into hospital days prior to my departure, but it was the first job I'd gotten with no help from anyone, I found the job, interviewed and got it all on my own merit. Even if I didn't get to go, I still got it, and that is cause for celebration. 

I got serious with my camera skills

Spent loads of time with great people and laughed till I cried. 

I hosted a couple of radio shows, which I LOVED doing and want to get back into in 2014.

I got the job every college student has at some point - waitressing, and you know what, I kind of liked it.

I partied Bond style 

Enjoyed the summer sun

My baby brother took he first steps and said his first words, granted his vocab is limited - Tractor and No, being his key phrases. Oh well, his cuteness more than makes up for it.

I went to London

And most recently I got laser eye surgery! Very scary but, but beyond worth it. This whole sight thing is really all it is cracked up to be! 

And, with all this new found 20/20 vision, Im looking into the New Year, bright and eager with a long list of adventures to take on in 2014. (which of course I'll share with you eager beavers soon)

How was 2013 for you? Any big life events to share? Or big plans for 2014? Sound off in the comments, I want to hear all about it.