Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lunch at Ralphs

Imagine a grand mansion-like townhouse, with a private courtyard, american style and covered in Ralph Lauren cushions and comfort. 

Well that's what Ralph's, Ralph Lauren's Restaurant in Paris is in a pinch. 

And, I was right there ready to soak it in. 

With drinks and champagne all round, it was time for some grub! 

We ordered a bevy of goodies; cobb salads, burgers, club sandwiches and much more and all delectable.

The salty 'bucket' fries, I have to say hit the spot for me. 

I also had a sneaky slice of key lime pie, it had a mouth watering zing  and was refreshingly after the 'all-american' lunch we had.  

But, one of the best bits for me and I know might think me silly on this one, was the coffee and wait for it... toffee popcorn... with coffee! I was a happy ducky on this one. 

And, how cute are those espresso cups. You know I'm a sucker for blue and white. 

Now, time to walk off that lunch! 

To the museum we go.. 

*If any of you are thinking of heading to Ralph's for lunch, remember to book first. Im not sure they take walk-ins and better safe than sorry, seeing as I went on a Wednesday and it was totally full! 

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  1. The coffee cup and saucer are from Liberty :) I was lusting over that particular pattern a couple of years ago and I think they still stock it! I never quite got my funds together to buy a set but maybe when I graduate.. and that food looks ridiculously delicious too! xxx
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