Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Feeling Lush-cious

During my trip to Dublin last week, i made it my point to visit Lush off Grafton Street. 

I'd past it several times when I lived in Dublin but never went in. I know a travesty, and one I had to rectify. 

It was love at first sight. 


The place smelled amazing and was roaring with a fantastic rainbow of colour in all shapes and sizes...

Even carrots!

I spent far too long in there, rubbing in lots of lotions, smelling my way around the store and chatting to the lovely staff. 

I walked away with a few bath bombs, a seaweed one and one that I swear smells exactly like the fizzy orange lollipops that were around when I was little. 

I've tried the seaweed already and the colour it turned the bath water made me feel like I was back swimming in Trinidad & Tobago. Sheer Bliss. 

And also I managed to pick up a Mothers Day gift in there too, but I better keep my lips sealed on that one! 


  1. I love Lush! Their soaps are amazing. Also, if you are every travelling they have great shampoo bars which are so easy to pack.

    1. I spotted their Shampoo Bars just the other day and they are now a huge must now for my upcoming travels! Just fabulous little things and so great for packing too. Thanks for Reading x