Monday, 10 March 2014

Your Day

Happy Monday All!

The other day I was watching a movie & there was a scene that really stuck with me.

Two new parents  are dropping their son to school and as the boy is leaving them, the father yells to his son 'Have a good day!' to which the mother objects that its too much pressure, and the Dad quickly replies 'Have the day you'll have'

And it just got me thinking, how profound that was and that you should...

Have the day you'll have because it's your day, make it great because it's yours.

And just...

Just a little thought of mine I thought I'd say with all of you guys.

Granted this may be a tad too deep of thinking for a Monday midmorning, but I figure start the week as we mean to continue!

Have a good week all.

*****And a bit of information on the O.P.I Giveaway, I've decided to extend the deadline of entering to next Thursday at 9pm and announcement here on the blog next Friday.

All the details can be found here

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So get your name in the draw & GOOD LUCK!


  1. What film was it? It sounds really interesting!
    Amazing how tiny little things we do everyday can impact on us without us even noticing!
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Friends, Travel, Italy

  2. It was actually 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green', a sweet little disney film with Jennifer Garner. I stumbled on it, flicking channels, but it was a lovely watch. xx