Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Night As Blair

See this stunning Lady under neath, well this is one of my oldest and dearest friends Jan. 

We met several years ago through inter school activities and well as they say the rest is history. 

We've had a lot of first together and shared all our war stories. And pretty much, even with living apart now and only seeing each other sometimes, I couldn't imagine life without her, so when it was her birthday I had only one option... Get my butt to the Capital (aka Dublin, feel a big Hunger Games-ish calling it The Capital! haha)


She was having a joint birthday with her Roommate Korki, who is also one of my great friends and  I actually went school with! 

It's great when friends live together, really cuts down on the travel costs! ;) 

Their party was Tv & Film themed and everyone was great and made an effort to dress up. 

Everyone was there, Dorothy, Sandy from Grease, Mary Queen of Scotches from Reign (New Tv Addiction of mine and Jans!) and Captain American and Peggy Carter even turned up! 

I came as the Queen of the Upper east Side herself Blair Waldorf, donning my very own headband and pearl set.

Do you think I would make it onto the Met Steps?! 

Well everyone at the party seemed to think so, because as one of the party games we got to nominate people for Oscars based on their Costumes and I got 'Best Female'! 

As someone who watched The Oscars every year, I was pretty excited with my win. 

'I'd like to thank the academy... '

The party was so much fun, catching up with old friends, I haven't seen in ages and making some new ones too. 

I never want to know what life would be without these ladies. Girls you're simple the best. 

Happy Birthday Jan! 

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