Thursday 27 March 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I want a change. In the whole sense really, but I'm starting in the hair department.

You see, I was platinum blonde when I was a child and until my teens when my hair started going darker and duller and thus I started dyeing my hair to keep it looking its blonde self.

But when I started University I just looked in the mirror one day & I was so sick of the blonde that I booked a hair appointment that day and I've been dyeing it different variations of blonde and brunette and sometimes both, ever since.

 I tend to change it depending on the time of year and the seasons and right before Christmas I went back to my more natural (now) colour of total brunette from blonde.

So as I'm sure many of you are, as well as me, I am totally sick of this long Winter we have been having  so in a bid to hurry up the Spring Sunshine in my own life I thinking of adding a few highlights.

I always take inspiration for Ladies like the ones below.

I always bring a photograph with me to show my colourist. This way they know exactly what I'm asking for and imaging cause it is right there, there is no point paying a something you're not happy with and then stuck with.

But I'm not sure with one I want to go with, I'm an eternal fan of Ms. Biel, or should I say Biel- Timberlake, but I have to say Ms. Olsen is giving her a run for her money with those honey dripped locks.

What do you guys think ?

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