Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tell All Smile

Do you like to play poker?

I do, I don't understand it completely and have only ever played it after several drinks.

I have won hands before but when it came up in conversation recently I was told I would be awful at it sober. When I inquired why, I was told very simply - "Your smile."

Apparently I have a tell tale smile!

This whole time I might have thought I was being sneaky, all my friends and family knew!

My Mum says she has no problem knowing if I'm up to something cheeky because I will be written right across my face.

My dumb luck I guess.

While I thought I was just at a loss with my sneaking around, at a party recently after talking to a guy I liked, one of my dear friends said I have a flirt smile too! Though I don't think the guy in question noticed.

Granted I'm sure it's nothing as good as Ms Jolie above, But I girl can hope right!?

So I resign to my fate, I am an open book of sorts but just in case you can't tell my smile; Take it as fact that from this day forward...

Do you have any tell tale traits?

Comment and let me know, we can be open books together!

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