Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Running with Good Tempah

I haven't done one of this post in a while but honesty I haven't had that much time to listen to my iPod lately.

But with the long sunny evening we're been having I've been going out running.

And I don't know about you guys, but I must have good music to listen to when I run. Its the only way I can keep going.

And lately I've been having a little love affair with Tinie Tempah whilst running.

Tinie Tempah Blog Music

I love the beat to the music, the sound and that it still has the 'you could sing along sometimes' element to it as well.

Tinie Tempah - Trampoline 

Tinie Tempah - Lover not a Fighter

Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

I generally listen in that order and save Pass Out until I get near the end of my run because I find it great to kick my butt up a gear and help me power through the last bit of the run and keep moving at a good speed. 

Is there songs you guys love to listen to while you exercise ?

Sound off in the comments I'd love to know.

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  1. Neighbourhood (Tunnels) by Arcade Fire is one of my favourite running songs, it's not a typical running song but I love it because it's so upbeat and motivating!
    Well it was one of my favourite running songs until I broke my toe :( owee! Might get some Tempah on the iPod for the recovery! Pass Out is awesome xxx
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