Monday 17 November 2014

Dance It Out | 2

I have not done a music post in a long time and it was one of my liked posts so I thought it was high time to get another up here!

So this is what I've been listening to lately...

First up, Walkie Talkie Man now you might be like... wait what is this song? Well just have a listen and is you were a teen in the 00s then you will know it. I heard it again recently and Im loving the get up and go beat to it and going to add to my running playlist. Press play and enjoy the teenage flashbacks.

Next is my man of the moment George Ezra, English, dreamy and the most amazing voice. This is a taste of his music for you guys and my favourite. If you like it I highly recommend checking out his album, its fantastic. 

I had to give a nod to woman of the hour Taylor Swift or T.Swifty as I like to call her. I mean 1989... INCREDIBLE, I loved it and I'm not ashamed to say it. But Blank Space is at the tied for the top prize along with Welcome to New York, though with a music video like this... Blank Space may have won the title. I would like to live in this music video and Sean O Pry aka the video model can stay right there too.

And last night I completely rocked out to Bon Jovi Greatest Hits. What can I say I like to keep things as random as possible. 

What are you guys all listening to right now ? I'm always looking for some new tunes. 

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