Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Campaigns!

OK, So I know there has always been the eager folks waiting to see the Coca Cola Ad and you can include me in your group but has anyone noticed in recent years that Christmas Advertisng has re invited as a major event and something I know find myself eagerly waiting to see what new year stores across the nations have found to tug at my heart strings.

This has been a triumphant year in this department. Here are a couple of my favourite Christmas Campaigns from the last couple of weeks. Heres hoping it puts you in the festive spirits as they have for me!

The newest member of the favourites must be the Sainsburys one. Simple fantastic, a nod to history and I think its important to remember how lucky we are to be at home at Christmas with loved ones, not everyone can be.

As someone who has been waiting for family to come home at Christmas, and spends most of my Christmas in my car visiting family. Boots you hit the mark with this one. 

If you were ever in doubt that the Beckhams are the Power Family of a Nation then here is Romeo Beckham, star of the Burberry Christmas Campaign. 

For the Topshop Ladies, Have a Rock and Roll Christmas with Cara. 

Speaking as the shy kid in the corner in Primary School, this one hit me hard, well done Waitrose.

Last but certainly not least in my opinion the Daddy of the Christmas Ad - John Lewis. I don't think a penguin has ever gotten me so emotional. 

Any Christmas campaigns that brought a tear to your eye? 
Whats been your favourite festival viewing ? 

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