Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bucket List Tid Bit

Happy Monday Everyone!

Ok, so I know I was talking to you all about Bucket List before and while mine is still being worked on.

I've been researching others, doing some deep thinking and just a pinch of reflecting and I found this great little picture of one on Tumblr last night doing just that.

Seems like a good set up to me. Get though everyday, have fun and don't forget to have Pizza.

And with those every basic guidelines, go forth into the week and live the best you can.

So do tell, how have your Bucket Lists been going?


  1. i don't usually make lists, I am always living the day like there is no tomorrow, doing whatever I want however I want, so there is no regrets later on, however I thinks it's fun having a memo board on your wall with some motivations and stuff, and yes moments in live are more fun when they are unexpected.
    what about you?

  2. I like your ideals. Its a great objective to live in the now. Well if you look back in my earlier post, I don't generally make lists, this is kind of a new thing for 2014 and its not a concrete thing, more like a what you mentioned, a fun thing on a memo board. But having my goals and stuff I want to do in writing looking at me does keep me more focused to achieve them. Thanks for reading! x