Tuesday 19 November 2013

Right Here, Right Now

First I have have to apologise for my absence the last 2 days my readers and followers. I have been buried under a pile of books and art supplies only now breaking free! 

So i just started this little bloggo and while I enjoying putting out ideas and putting some discussions in motion but I thought it might be nice for you to get to know the person behind the blog. 

So here for a moment right now, I invite you into what happening in my life and head right now. 

It's probably a little cluttered up to watch your step! 

eating // my dads fish pie & cheesy toasted sandwiches
drinking // gallons of tea & caramel mochas
practising // a balance of work & play (work is winning!)
mastering // writing a marketing website plan & wrapping scarves
learning // digital marketing & Lino printing
playing // with my baby brother & my new camera
reading // Hairy Bikers Cook Book & Sense and Sensibility 
enjoying // the bracing chill in the air
listening // to my gut & Lordes, One Republic & One Direction (no judgement!)
walking // my dogs
needing // a new adventure
cooking // raspberry and lemon muffins
wondering // what to do next...
working // on improving myself, my degree and diploma 
travelling // back from London
planning // for Christmas! yet still haven't bought a single gift, where is an elf assistant when you need one! 
wanting // more fuzzy socks, happiness, new cashmere  & a wishbone necklace 

Thanks to the fabulous Joy Felicity Jane for this idea. 

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