In no particular order here is my list of my go to and Blogs I check regularly.  

These ladies are my advice givers, style icons, and though I don't know them I sometimes feel like I do, I sincerely hope someday y'all thing of me that way. 

So please do keep reading, you never know what I might get up to next!   

Catalina Creative is vastly becoming my new favourite. Curated by DC Designer Natalie. If you don't love it already you will soon.

I guess you could say The Londoner was the one who started all this & the first blog I started to follow religiously. 
Rosie is as you might have guessed a London girl, living it up in the city, baking, partying and travelling the globe with her perfect little pooch Custard. Sounds pretty great right, well the blog is that and so much more. 

The ever sun kissed, girl next door, business lady, book author and I think queen of the Bloggerdom. Emily will make you carve the Cali life like no other, sharing great link, Ask Emily videos, interior design ideas and fabulous outfit that every gal can love. 
And can I must say it right now who doesn't love that name - Cupcakes and Cashmere

The lovely Sarah from Kiel James Patrick runs the dreamiest New England lifestyle blog Classy Girls Wear Pearls showing lots of pieces from KJP along the way. If you carve the coastal Newport life like I do then its definitely one to check out. 

Joy Felicity Jane run by the wonderful Tania recounting her adventures, well all over the world really! In London, France and now Australia, her wanderlust is aspiring and her images great. 

Label lust on top of a roller coaster, Rachel of Pink Peonies will make you want to chuck out your closet and inspire a new one in just one post. Or thats what she did for me anyway. Her style and lifestyle are just drool worthy and if your anything like me you'll be hooked in one post. 

Damsel in Dior is certainly no damsel and with  a wicked style to boot so is a certainly a damsel who I aim to.

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