Friday, 18 April 2014

Birthday Dinner | Paris

As you guys may know I was in Paris for my 21st Birthday! 

The night of my birthday, we all put on our glad rags and headed down to Le Grand Colbert

You all may remember if from the amazing film 'Somethings Gotta Give', its one of my favourite films so while I was in Paris, I had to go there. After all Diane Keaton celebrated her Birthday there! 

The food was delicious and super rich, and the booze flowed. 
As you might guess we were quite a happy bunch. 

Then all of a sudden, french waiters surrounded me sining and I was facing a massively fantastic sparkler. 

Sadly the cake was a fake, just a prop for birthday celebration. 
Though honestly I didn't mind I was so full my the main course. 

But I did indulge in the signature hot chocolate. 
And boy, oh boy did it impress. 
Your own little set of ingredients ready to go, and make the hot chocolate exactly as you desire it. 
So indulgent, so worth it. 

The night was s much fun and many, many...many drinks were had. 

So muh so that when I took a peak at my camera the next morning I found over 200 'post night out, fashion shoot' picture. 

The process of choosing which to put up here was a little like Goldie Locks and The Three Bears... too hot, too funny and too blurry. 

But here are the finalists... Enjoy! 

I made a gif...I made a gif! hehe :) 

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