Monday, 7 April 2014

Arrival in Paris

Well as some of you may know, I just had a rather large Birthday.  I turned 21! So to mark the occasion, I along with my Best Friend K, my Mum and some dear family jetted off to Paris to celebrate. 

We arrived late in the Evening and K & I busied ourselves staring at our amazing view, showered and dressed for dinner. 

We went to a little local restaurant just down the street from our hotel and had a wonderful meal. 

Sadly I didn't take many photos due to pure tiredness. 

BUT, I did take in this salad! It was a poached egg, bacon and leaf salad. It was delicious, and I will be most definitely replicating it and putting the recipe up here. 

Anyway, I almost have the rest of the pictures uploaded so get ready for A LOT of Paris snaps and stories to come your way. 

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