Friday, 29 November 2013

Late Late Toy Show

Ok, So if you've read my blog before you'll know I'm Irish. Born and bred here on the Emerald Isle.

And If you've have also had this experience, you'll know exactly what the title of this post means.

For those not in the know, The Late Late Show is a weekly chat show that airs on Ireland originally broadcasting channel and every year they do a special showing in which they transform the set into Santa Grotto and talk about and look at all the hottest toys, theres kids on, music, jokes and pretty much all around family fun. Its been on for decades and usually airs at the end of November/ start of December.

It really signs the start of the Christmas season for me and a lot of people in Ireland, the selection boxes are whipped and kids sit in front of the telly making up their letters to Santa full to the brig with Toy-spiration (See what I did there, hehe!)

It's a yearly tradition for me to watch it ever since I was little, though I may have traded the letter to Santa for a Late Late Toy Show drinking game but the tradition still stands!

Sadly though, this year I'm not at home to watch it. I'm up in the Capital City or The Big Smoke a.k.a Dublin, hanging out with my two best girls tonight. So a good trade of night I think.

So I'll have to wait another night to see Ryan Tubridy (The Show host) play with toys and give things away to audience members.

But, never fear I always have a back up, and the show set to record :)

Well my blogees, I better dash on this evening to make a poster to embarrass one of my friends with at the airport (More of that story to come!)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

I've often heard people complain and ask why certain people are celebrities.

I know it is a curious fact, the whole celebrity thing.

But early this evening I think I may have cracked it and discovered why certain people become famous and everyone wants to know who they are and everything about them.

This is why...
Why yes, this is me normal...

Celebrities have an innate ability to be flawless, a large percent of the time at least.

It's our obsession with this fact that makes us want to follow their every move.

I mean just look Miss Keira Knightly... How many of us, strictly speaking normal people can look like this when caught up in the wind?

I usually end of more to this liking...
Yum, Hair for lunch!

One if the many things I love to do in Winter is go for long walks on Wintery peaceful beaches and across sand dunes. But I am often affected but the windswept look going dreadfully wrong. 

Any of you guys out there have a similar problem? How do you tackle it?

**This is not a fact, or possibly any way true. But merely my own notion. :) 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Marlene Dietrich...Scrub a Dub, Dub!

I love looking at the greats - Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn... the list goes on. 

And just recently I've been looking into Marlene Dietrich.

I don’t know if you knew this about Marlene, I certainly didn't, that she had O.C.D. 

I also discovered that when Marlene Dietrich was set to preform in the Theater Royal in Brighton in 1966, the stage manager was so excited for her arrival and wanted to impress her so much, that he scrubbed every inch of her dressing top to toe so it would be perfect for her.

Upon Marlene's arrival, she took one step in her dressing room only to ask her a bucket and cloth, and then began to scrub the floor of the dressing room herself!

The stage manager was so upset, that his work didn't seem to be enough for her, he had to be physically held in the box office to keep him from running out of the theatre like a madman. 

What he didn't know was that Marlene Dietrich had O.C.D and in fact scrubbed the floor of every dressing room she was ever in through out her career, whether it was dirty or not!

Pleasure to meet you... Now, where is the mop?

Isn't is fascinating what a pretty face can hide?

In case where your wondering where I've sourced my information. It was from the documentary called 'Urban Secrets' with Alan Cummings. The show follows Mr.Cummings as he tours the U.K and Ireland great towns and cities finding their hidden Urban Secrets. 

It is well worth a watch, it sadly finished airing last Year, but I'm sure it can be found online though or you can find out if its screening on television here

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Right Here, Right Now

First I have have to apologise for my absence the last 2 days my readers and followers. I have been buried under a pile of books and art supplies only now breaking free! 

So i just started this little bloggo and while I enjoying putting out ideas and putting some discussions in motion but I thought it might be nice for you to get to know the person behind the blog. 

So here for a moment right now, I invite you into what happening in my life and head right now. 

It's probably a little cluttered up to watch your step! 

eating // my dads fish pie & cheesy toasted sandwiches
drinking // gallons of tea & caramel mochas
practising // a balance of work & play (work is winning!)
mastering // writing a marketing website plan & wrapping scarves
learning // digital marketing & Lino printing
playing // with my baby brother & my new camera
reading // Hairy Bikers Cook Book & Sense and Sensibility 
enjoying // the bracing chill in the air
listening // to my gut & Lordes, One Republic & One Direction (no judgement!)
walking // my dogs
needing // a new adventure
cooking // raspberry and lemon muffins
wondering // what to do next...
working // on improving myself, my degree and diploma 
travelling // back from London
planning // for Christmas! yet still haven't bought a single gift, where is an elf assistant when you need one! 
wanting // more fuzzy socks, happiness, new cashmere  & a wishbone necklace 

Thanks to the fabulous Joy Felicity Jane for this idea. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 Seconds Of Insane Courage

Have you ever been faced with a situation, and you knew in that very moment that your next move could land you at two very different outcomes.

Well I have; its a weird thing honestly. A bit like time has frozen and you're having an out of body experience.

Then the devil and the angel show up; the angel will normally whisper 'Stay with the safe option, you won't miss what you never had, etc' and the devil taking the opposite approach encouraging the wilder option.

These two never hang about for long, and puff! Just like that, they are gone and you're left with the seemingly impossible feat of speaking, deciding, moving.

For years I always went safe option, until one day I realised I was missing out on experiences and fun that others were enjoying. And who wants one!

After that I realised something that was beautifully summed up to me years later as '5 seconds of insane courage'. A brilliant idea, right?

All we ever need is 5 seconds of insane courage to rapidly change of lives - Ask your boss for that raise, press send on the text to that cute guy (normally after reading it 25 times first of course), sign the mortgage papers for your first house or even sign up for helicopter lessons.

However you must be prepared that the outcome may not be what we expect, and believe me I certainly am someone who likes to weigh the options, but in my experience we often end up regretting the moments we let pass us by, rather than the ones we bravely dive head into.

So with the weekend ahead of you, why not heed my advice and go ahead and dive.

5 seconds is all it takes... You better hurry, Your 5 seconds just started.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Love is a curious thing

OK, so there is been a slight error in uploading the remaining pictures from my trip to London. In that they simply won't - Blogger gods, why must you mock me! 

So for today, I thought I'd let you in on something I was thinking about recently...

Love, it really is a very curious and fascinating thing.

Masters of the mind and world have spent centuries trying to figure it out, but sadly to no avail.
Poets and writers the world over have spent copious amounts of time, money and energy describing and observing its effects.

But lets face it, we'll never really understand it fully and the power it has over the human subconscious.
It can make us walk on coals, spend our life savings and push us to every limit we know.
But in my mind I think this image and quote I stumbled upon last night sums it up quite nicely.

I think your on to something Bob.

Bob Marley, always good for a line.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, If your one of the lucky ones, and have someone you love more than anything then count your blessings and make sure that person knows how much you love them.

If you haven't found them yet, don't fret, you never know what fate has waiting around your corner.
And remember, a smile and a hello can change your life.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

London Pt. 2

After my escape to Convent Garden, on my way home I was admiring all the lights of London and thought. I need to add some height to the matter! 

Hence, London Eye! 

It was lovely and the views were great, but there was this weird green light in the 'bubble' people holder thing, so any photographs didn't turn out the best. Oh well!

The next morning I was feeling a bit well pooped! So I headed forth to Selfridges to relax, admire all the pretty things and get my hair blow dried.

How beautiful is the store done up for the Festive Season ahead. 

Don't worry Selfridges... I'll be back! (*Best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, of course)

It was lovely and totally rejuvenated for the next stop of the day - Kensington Palace and Gardens

Pretty swanky digs for Little Prince George, no? 

I went for a full snoop of the place and I have to say its beautiful and the staff surprised me with their knowledge. 

I was extremely taken with this pillow, and very sad they didn't have it in the gift shop! Believe me I did consider the 'under the shirt, mind my baby' routine but the security guard was eyeing me up. Drat! next time pillow, next time. 

I stopped to take a peak at some of the gowns on display in the Palace currently curtiousy of The Queen, Princess Anne and of course The Estate of Princess Diana.

I would have stayed for tea but it was packed inside and rather chilly outside. Instead I thought a stomp through the gardens was more favourable. And as you can tell from my smile below, It was! The leaves were gorgeous and it was the best place to people watch.

Afraid my lovelies, my camera went for an early bed time after this. I met some friends shortly after this in the centre of the city in The Slug and Lettuce

I met my friend in her office building (its one of the very tall ones near The Gherkin) she introduced me to a couple of people and of course as per my M.O the one I ended up talking to for an extended amount of time was her boss! And I can do is thank my lucky stars I didn't put my foot in my mouth and he seemed to take a shine to me, major result guys! 

I will have to get better at the whole pouring and taking pictures thing! 

London trip is not over yet kids, watch this space. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Beneath the Surface

On the first glance to this photo you may just see a mother walking her child down the street on an autumn day; and it is, but on further inspection you'll see it is so much more.

Where shall we go today Mummy?

Because, this photograph is actually of the most famous First Lady of all time, Jackie Kennedy and in this photo she is walking with her daughter Caroline Kennedy c.1960.

It is when we look deeper that we really see the whole picture that lys before us.

So the next time you walk down the street, take the bus or go shopping, stop and take a moment to think.
Think about those who are passing you, have walked those streets before and what they might have been doing or seeing or thinking.

So with the whole week ahead of you, set aside a couple of minute during your travels this week and just think. 

And if your imagination is anything like mine then you'll be shocked as to what you can come up with or what you might learn. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Weekend Wildness


It's Friday kiddos, so shake off those 9-5 blues and get creative this weekend!

Grab a friend for a good catch up season, get outrageous outdoors or frivolous in the fashion department.
Have fun and create something that can perhaps give some happiness back.

Art should make the artist happy so why not try to make others around you happy as well.
Karma kids, keep it in mind!

But if inspiration has left the building, then here's some 'out there' ideas to get those creative juices going.

Get Fabulous for Fall

Go feel the sand in your toes

Take a trip to the Woods and Wait it out in your Hunters

Or, Why not get kooky in the Kitchen!
Enjoy your weekend, love, laugh, live and try have some fun along the way! 
Happy Friday Everyone! 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Technology is a quite the thing... And I love it!

Today I'm wandering about with a spring in my step. What to know why?

Of course you do, cheeky.

Well tonight I'm going to be skyping my best friend Kate. 

Sadly, we are in different colleges right now. She is living very far away in University, in England *sad face.

She loves it there and I really like the way my life is right now, but I do miss her terribly.

But can I just say though how amazing it was, to be able to see her and talk to her in real time, on a computer screen, without every leaving my bedroom!

It is quite mind blowing of a thing, when you think about it.

The strives we have made in technology since the Internet its just incredible.

I just think about my grandparents at my age to make a simple call. Would have to call a local call center, state the reason for their call and then be transferred. It took forever to go to the receivers call center then getting barely to talk to their friends before getting cut off or another person needing the line... Annoyed? Yeah I would be too.
I would just not have the patience for it at all.
I'd never get to talk to anyone!

 I thank my lucky stars for this privilege.
 Skype, you are one cool kid in my books!

Not only will you be giving me my best friend tonight but you are also giving me the chance to interview for a job in America tomorrow!

Im nervous, but also super excited for it.

Guys, Fingers and toes crossed for me! 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

London Pt.1

So I had some time off from College last week and I heard the whispers of London Town calling my name. So I called my friends living over there, nabbed myself a sofa to sleep on and high tailed it across the sea.
I arrived late on wednesday night and went to a fabulous Argentinean restaurant in Wimbledon and had the one of the BEST steaks I've ever had. Sadly though there is no pictures of it, the wine arrived well in advance of the steak and my camera with for a nap while I amused myself with pouring. I got one picture though, of my delicious calamari. I would completely recommend a trip to them should you happen to be in the area.

The following morning I dusted myself off and headed toward Buckingham Palace to meet my friend Lauren. 

I arrived at the changing of the guards, a mass scene of tourists flocking to get a look at the Queens Guard. Now If you know me, you'll know I detest crowds, queues and well stupid people and these people always seem to travel in herds! So I stayed at a distance and watched the delighted masses wolf and whistle. 
After Lauren and I finally found each other we jumped on the tube and headed for Covent Garden. My new favourite spot in London. I am differently not a modernist, I will the old, the traditional, so Covent Garden with its beautiful architecture and shopping and cobble street was just up my alley. 

Thats me!  (Left) and my friend Lauren. Posing in front of a big ol bow. Cause well, who wouldn't want to pose in front of a big bow!

It was a great fun day, full of great smelling food from the market stalls and a lot of festive cheer! Which was at times confusing, I was there on October 31st so Halloween magic was in the air, yet there was Christmas decorations everywhere! Perhaps Covent Garden is trying to make a new hybrid holiday. Chralloween people, its on the horizon!

My first day in London over and out. Come back tomorrow to see what I get up to next.