Hey there gang, so you've gotten this far. Congrats! 

And kudos, you want to know more; well ask and you shall receive -
 Only if you're good of course!

So since you're here on my doorstep, I figure we should get to know each other a bit better.
Well where should I start…. I think I should give you an idea of what sums up me, this after all is about me! And you of course, because really what am I without all you, my new digital friends. 

I’m Amy by the way, as you may have guessed.

I’m a writer, an artist, a TV addict, computer wiz kid and an all round lover of fun all while still being a tad of an old soul.

I’m nationally Irish but like to think of myself more as a citizen of the world. You’d be surprise of little sites or forms have that nationality on it!

I see life as one huge canvas and if I’ve painted my life accurately by the time I die, whenever that may be, I want as many colours and swirls on there as possible!

Something I find can tell a lot about someone is how they measure their life, what they’ve experienced and what they hope and dream for. And one certain quote that puts these things into a good context for me is  “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.” And in that respect, so far my life has been pretty good! 

And here’s hoping it gets even better. 

And if you can tell me the movie that quote comes from, then your on my good list already!

This blog will be my diary/journal/record of my musings and what inspires me, this might be a line in a movie, the stars on a dark night or an elderly man walking his dog. They inspire me and I hope by putting them up here on my own landmark of the interweb, I can inspire you too. Sometimes I made need help (everyone does occasionally!) so feel free to comment and link me other pages of interest to you (nothing rude, please & thank you).

Below are also a couple more basic questions

What age are you? 
I'm 21 years young, but told I'm wise beyond my years. 

Why did you start a blog? 
Why the heck not! I'm a complete internet troll complete with tumblr (Which you can find in the tabs on the home page) Twitter and of course Facebook. I have also been following various blogs for years and thought 'Well, I could do that!' 

Where are you from? 
I'm a Leprechaun out and out! Hailing from little old Ireland. 
But, I do love to travel and have spent some time in America, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago and many little spots all over Europe. I like to think fondly as being a citizen of the world. 

So, those are the basics about moi Kids! 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email me at becauseamysays@gmail.com

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