Saturday 7 June 2014

Update: My Technology Hates Me

Hey All,

I have not been having a very good tech week.

So, I know I've absent up here on the Bloggo this week. Well first off the worst thing happened in the form of my computer crashing on me on Monday night when I was uploading new photos and new posts for y'all as well as some assignments for college. And when I say crashed I mean gone, done-zo with all my pictures, softwares AND my assignment gone.

So after an hour conversation with the Apple tech support (who were very nice and helpful) it was confirmed I have to have my computer repaired, this was done and I'm now in the process of getting all my backed up hard drive files returned to my newly repaired but completely naked and empty computer.

Along with this in the crash I also lost 2 assignments I had completely finished that were not backed up so I'm also doing those.

And did I mention I'm trying to do this while also in bed with a nasty virus?... I must have caught it from my computer ;)

Yup that was pretty much me all week. Not so fun.

I then thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel of the tech world, alas happiness was not mine. When trying to get all my photo softwares and softwares I use to work on Blog posts I then discovered my dvd disc drive was no longer working so I can't upload any of softwares because I have them all licensed and from discs. Enter second call to Apple Tech Support.

So right now there is nothing I can really do except send my computer away to be fixed.

However, I didn't get a chance to tell you guys yet but I'm starting travelling next week! Which Im very excited about and first stop for my 2 and a half months of travelling is to NYC to see some friends so I've decided to wait until I get to NYC to get my computer fixed there.

So the Bloggo is going to be pretty quiet until then but I do promise to be back and as soon as possible with TONS of new posts and pictures of my travels, along with all the usuals like ' I'D WEAR, music recommendations, daily insights and maybe even some recipes :)

If you're wondering more about my travels I'm heading off to NYC next week for a week to see some friends and family then up to Connecticut for 8 weeks to work in an AMAZING Summer Camp then off to San Francisco to chill and try the Cali Girl life for a week for my sister from another mister Kim and maybe another spot after that, but who knows... I guess you'll have to come back and say hello, to find out!

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