Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Blogger Returnth...

When starting off this post I was very suddenly caught in how to start. Yes writing a Blog post is nothing new to me but after my long hiatus I was left wondering how to begin again.

First off I should explain why I ended up taking nearly a year off from my digital space. The main reason was work. I'd started working full time and with my workload growing all the time there was just not enough hours in the day. My bloggo was starting to become a chore and extra work which was the complete opposite to my reasons to start my bloggo back in 2012.

Another reason was I had started to not know what I wanted my voice to be on here. I was trying to be what I thought other people wanted to read and not what I wanted to do. I also quickly realised that I was starting to sound like every other blogger out there clinging onto the bandwagon.

I pride myself in not doing the expected thing and choosing what I know I want and what's good for me. I've always been someone who listens to there gut instinct but my gut had gone mute in the run up to my hiatus.

I needed a break to regroup. I intended to take the summer away and come back full of beans but when the summer was coming to a close it just wasn't time.

This past year has been a huge one for me. I thrived in my job taking on more and more responsibility, gone through a physical remodel (I've called it prepping the canvas) got my first piecing (other than basic ear lobes), completed another diploma this time in Photography which resulted in some shoots for other blogs and I became a movie reviewer for a radio station called Beat 102 103 reviewing the biggest movies on their Sunday morning show (I studied Radio Production so getting back in the studio was a dream), spent more and more time with friends and had quite a few adventures.

Now with my next adventure on the horizon (more on that to come) I wanted to return to my favourite haunt - my bloggo.

I have changed over the past year and the Bloggo is about to soon and is getting a remodel in line with the new me so watch this space.

I cant promise I'll be the model blogger from this point on because I know I wont. No one is perfect but like the lyrics of the Otis Redding song which I'm listening to right now I hope you will Stand By Me. 

Its good to be back people.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Lets Get Blooming Dressy!

I'm getting pumped for Summer, the weather is starting to heat up and everyone just seems in a better mood! 
I am in love with this floral dress from Gap, It's super versatile and could be worn with these festival ready lace up gladiator sandals or with some pumps for a Sunday Lunch or cute date night. 

Who else is in love with that Essie colour, I love that bright polishes getting dusted off for Summer. Brilliant for a pop to any outfit.  

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Life Lately // 2

Sorry I've been so MIA the last month everyone! I've been super busy at my day job and everything including my social life got pushed. Bad blogger I know!

But I thought I'd better catch you up on my what Ive been doing in a new edition of Life Lately... 

Smoothies, Tan and Back to the Gym // 

As a lot of people are doing right now, I'm trying to get that glow in time for Summer. I like to try keep active and go to the gym at least once a week and with a juice bar near my office for added immune boost my glow is slowly coming back, that with a little dash of fake tan. 

My Birthday // 

It was my birthday at the start of April so I was sent the most beautiful bunch of pink roses and celebrated with a cupcake... or two ;) 

Navy Striped Sailor Dress // 

I just picked up this dress in Tommy Hilfiger and I can't wait to wear it all Summer, its super soft and can be wore so easily at night or day

Lusting // 

I'm having all kinds of feelings for this Peony Travel Bag From Ted Baker and these Astley Clark rings 

Instragram // 

I've had an Instagram account for a while but I've started posting a lot more recently. You can follow me here

Nail Pop // 

I love reds and nudes on my nails for Winter but with the arrival of Sunshines comes out my favourite corals and bright tones. My favourite is OPI's Carnival. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Style // Spring Back

Anyone else extremely sick of dark clothes and wintery weather?!

Well I certainly am, now i may be a little too cold still here in Ireland to start stripping back the layers but I can't wait to start to see colour coming back into my everyday line up. 

As I'm in an office job now, i need to look professional everyday but also my area is creative so I love this look I've come up with. Just enough professionalism and a healthy dose of my favourite colour! 

Links Below - 

Happy Shopping!