Thursday, 23 April 2015

Life Lately // 2

Sorry I've been so MIA the last month everyone! I've been super busy at my day job and everything including my social life got pushed. Bad blogger I know!

But I thought I'd better catch you up on my what Ive been doing in a new edition of Life Lately... 

Smoothies, Tan and Back to the Gym // 

As a lot of people are doing right now, I'm trying to get that glow in time for Summer. I like to try keep active and go to the gym at least once a week and with a juice bar near my office for added immune boost my glow is slowly coming back, that with a little dash of fake tan. 

My Birthday // 

It was my birthday at the start of April so I was sent the most beautiful bunch of pink roses and celebrated with a cupcake... or two ;) 

Navy Striped Sailor Dress // 

I just picked up this dress in Tommy Hilfiger and I can't wait to wear it all Summer, its super soft and can be wore so easily at night or day

Lusting // 

I'm having all kinds of feelings for this Peony Travel Bag From Ted Baker and these Astley Clark rings 

Instragram // 

I've had an Instagram account for a while but I've started posting a lot more recently. You can follow me here

Nail Pop // 

I love reds and nudes on my nails for Winter but with the arrival of Sunshines comes out my favourite corals and bright tones. My favourite is OPI's Carnival. 

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