Friday, 13 February 2015

Web Browsing // 2

Hey Everyone, 

As a someone who pretty much lives in the digital world a vast amount of time, the list of things I stumble across over the web is ever growing. 

Here is a little taste of what I've loved the most this week. 

1 // The Londoners Cheese and Mushrooms Bread Bowls as I fondly call them. Getting the recipe ready for this coming Sunday. I can taste the deliciousness and warm belly feeling already. A perfect Sunday treat in the grey weather bout we are having right now. 

2 // As per normal Catalina Creative has turned me onto another feast for the eyes. This archived Vogue photo shoot in Paris. As a paris girl at heart, I'll be dreaming of this shoots for many nights to come. 

3 //  My recently acquired new Blog to follow and adore. Harper and Harley is an Australian model and blogger who works with Net A Porter frequently. Sunny, Stunning Tanned and highlighting the best of black classic pieces. I was sold at sunny! 

4 //  Classic Paintings captioned with Mean Girls quotes. If you're someone who enjoys laughing. Click NOW!

5 // I love Cinnamon. And when I was in America, giant, gooey hot Cinnamon Rolls where easy to find but here in Ireland not so much. I will eventually make them from scratch and when I do it will be this amazing recipe

6 // With everyone wearing their love tinted glasses for the upcoming Valentines Day, I've decided to admire these great people. They were completely badass and yes, single. 

7 // I am certainly not someone who can wear heel to work everyday. So these J.Crew pointed flats will be the next splurge to my closet. They are so chic and following the teachings of Harper & Harley, classic black is the way forward. 

8 // As the child who played her Cinderella VHS tape until it was broken my inner 6 squealed with joy when I heard that MAC was doing a collection inspired by Cinderella. The Collection is coming out in conjunction with the new Live Action Cinderella movie starring Lily James. Is it too early to book my tickets? What can I say... I'll be a disney kid forever! 


  1. 4) Theres a similar account on twitter called WTF Renaissance its hilarious. I can't wait to see the MAC x Cinderella!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll check out anything for a laugh :) Thanks for reading x