Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Versailles | the Gardens

Once back in the sunshine and fresh air, I was invigorated and more fun well goofy faces than ever.

In Versailles, once in the gardens you can rent golf carts, and there was never a question... I was in there, like swimwear.

K and I were of course put like bold children in the back seat. 

Ok, with these kind of faces, we sort of live up to our names! * wink wink 

My lot in life, trying to get the best angle. 

And K being my paparazzi. 

Though I do turn the tables of her sometimes! 

Or sometimes, I try run away. 

But Mum did put us in our place once more, took away the cameras and got us together for some, 'no goofy faces' proper photos, ones you could send home to Nana or something! 

As you can see, it didn't last very long. 

'I mean, its an ok house, right K?' 

'Em, its alright.'

'Actually, I love it!'

I got K around to my way of thinking, so much so we were jumping for joy! 

It seemed in no time at all, we were rounded up and putting back in to the golf cart and brought back to the gates, as you can see, we weren't very happy about it! 

Versailles was a beautiful and so much fun. 

I would well recommend a trip there to anyone if you are in the area. 

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