Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Falling for Fall

I like summer I do, ice cream, long bright evenings and BBQs; Its great and lots of fun.

But I was watching one of my favourite movies this weekend 'You've got Mail'. A Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks classic in my books. And Hank's character Joe Fox says one thing at the beginning of the movie that I just love "Don't you just love New York in the Fall, it makes me want to run out and buy school supplies"

And it reminded me of the wonderful spring I have in my step when I feel the first chill in the air and the leaves starting to change colours.

Ever since I was little I always used to think leaves changing colour was sort of like Mother Nature picking back up a paintbrush after a long absence. She's so excited she uses a million different colours all in one scene. 

Aside from the trees, fall brings about so many other great things. Tons of new coffee flavours to try,

great books to read (or rereading your favourites ), the return of all the best TV Shows to our screens - Greys Anatomy, White Collar, Revenge - I'm looking at you guys! I mean who doesn't enjoy watching Matt Bomer solve crimes beside a roaring fire. 

And big comfy sweaters to snuggle up in *I'll be loading some tips of the sweater trade soon, so keep posted :) 

What are you're favourite things about Fall/Autumn ? 

I'm always eager for new fun stuff to do this time of year. 

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