Friday, 17 January 2014

Four Idols & Me

So lately I've been thinking about idols and those we look up to. 

It seems lately you can't swing a bag without finding a celebrity who thinks they're an idol or complains they don't want to be one. 

Well I think idol is all in the eye of the beholder. 

And while I do think everyone should try to be the best version of themselves, i think everyone should have someone to look up to. 

I've been thinking about my idols/ those I'd like to be like. 

Now, I have certain family and friend who I look up to and love for tons of different reasons

But I do have my TV heroines!

Drumroll please...

First up, C.J Cregg from The West Wing. C.J was press secretary to the President, an all around Bad-Ass, the smartest female political mind to grace TV and had a quick wit to boot! 

I look up to her most of all and C.J. is and will be now forever be my idol. 

Next up Lois Lane. I was a super fan of smallville and watched it from day one until the bitter end (Yes I cried at the last episode! No judgement here remember. Nerd until the end guys )

Lois was strong, confident, could kick some serious butt and was ambitious as heck. 

Lois I'd be proud to be your second in command anyway! 

Lorelai, Lorelai, Lorelai.... When I have children and if I have a daughter I will need to be seriously talked out of naming my future daughter after this lady for how much I heart her. 

After a teenage pregnancy, she forged her own path, put herself through college all while working her way up from being a maid to owning her own successful Inn. 

As if her quick tongue and coffee addiction weren't reason enough to love her! 

And last and certainly not least Ms. Blair Waldorf.

Now I know she was a tad crazy in her days but hey who didn't have a crazy few teen years? 

But Blair did sort out her life, got her man and ended up having a beautiful family all while running a multi million dollar international fashion house. 

Yes, she's on the list and the place is deserved, now where did I put my trusty headband from back in the day... 

Hope you enjoyed my list guys.

Who are your idols? Have I overlooked anyone?

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