Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Old Traditions I Love

Today I've been thinking about something (as you've noticed, I do that a lot! ) anyway, back to my point I've been thinking about...

I mean who doesn't get a little excited at the appearance of a letter through the post box. 

But aside from the occasional birthday card through the postbox, these occurrences have been slim to none and honestly this makes me a little sad. 

I think of the letters that were written be candle light sent to a lover in a far off land in Elizabethan Times; A Lady missing her friend who has married and traveling at her husbands side or A soldier writing to their families at home telling them they'll be back home soon. 

I guess this is the romantic in me clambering to get out. 

Letter writing should not be a thing of the past. Certain old traditions should be kept in the modern world. 

With a New Year only just started I'm going to try my best to start writing letters again and if you follow anything I say on 'Because Amy Says' then I urge you to do the same. 

Buy a stamp and send your Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters or Friend a note if just to tell them Hello and that you were thinking of them. 

I think I might make this a regular thing, 'Old Traditions I Love', What do you think? 


  1. I love handwritten letters so much. Receiving one these days is like seeing a unicorn haha! I wish my handwriting were better, I'd be writing letters all the time.


    1. Haha, that is a great comparison Vanessa! Well you'll get plenty of practice writing to your friends and family, your hand writing will be better than that of victorian scribe. Thanks for reading x