Thursday, 29 May 2014

Summer Lunch with the Girls

Sorry all, no edition of 'I'd Wear' this week, I'm currently getting ready for a long trip (Of which I'll tell you more about soon, eager beavers) so I've been run ragged arranging things and getting work together. 

But before I head off and many of my friends depart also on Summer trips, we wanted to get together for a catch up and some good conversation. 

The lunch was a gathering of the girls I went to school with. We stayed in good company post school and always have fun together when we meet up. 

Thus a fabulous summer lunch was had. 

A totally deliosous lunch spread was feasted on with everything from goats cheese, smoked salmon, mozerella and tomato salad, lots of leaves and iced tea. 

And, I can't forget the amazing brown pasta salad made by our host Lucy, a recipe I'll have to get from her to pop up here! 

It was a great afternoon that extended late into the evening. Lots of laughter, sharing of news and excited chatter on the upcoming things in our lives was enjoyed, with the added bonus of sitting in the garden under the sunshine while doing so. 

Have a great weekend everyone, and if it's sunny where you are going out and enjoy it. If you're anything like me It'll put a big smile on your face. 

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