Tuesday, 12 November 2013

London Pt. 2

After my escape to Convent Garden, on my way home I was admiring all the lights of London and thought. I need to add some height to the matter! 

Hence, London Eye! 

It was lovely and the views were great, but there was this weird green light in the 'bubble' people holder thing, so any photographs didn't turn out the best. Oh well!

The next morning I was feeling a bit well pooped! So I headed forth to Selfridges to relax, admire all the pretty things and get my hair blow dried.

How beautiful is the store done up for the Festive Season ahead. 

Don't worry Selfridges... I'll be back! (*Best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, of course)

It was lovely and totally rejuvenated for the next stop of the day - Kensington Palace and Gardens

Pretty swanky digs for Little Prince George, no? 

I went for a full snoop of the place and I have to say its beautiful and the staff surprised me with their knowledge. 

I was extremely taken with this pillow, and very sad they didn't have it in the gift shop! Believe me I did consider the 'under the shirt, mind my baby' routine but the security guard was eyeing me up. Drat! next time pillow, next time. 

I stopped to take a peak at some of the gowns on display in the Palace currently curtiousy of The Queen, Princess Anne and of course The Estate of Princess Diana.

I would have stayed for tea but it was packed inside and rather chilly outside. Instead I thought a stomp through the gardens was more favourable. And as you can tell from my smile below, It was! The leaves were gorgeous and it was the best place to people watch.

Afraid my lovelies, my camera went for an early bed time after this. I met some friends shortly after this in the centre of the city in The Slug and Lettuce

I met my friend in her office building (its one of the very tall ones near The Gherkin) she introduced me to a couple of people and of course as per my M.O the one I ended up talking to for an extended amount of time was her boss! And I can do is thank my lucky stars I didn't put my foot in my mouth and he seemed to take a shine to me, major result guys! 

I will have to get better at the whole pouring and taking pictures thing! 

London trip is not over yet kids, watch this space. 

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