Friday, 27 December 2013

Festive Before The Festivities

Ok so as some of you like know, the weather in my part of the world was absolutely awful, and thus played havoc with my internet access. So after playing with some antennas I've finally go it back!


So even though this post is extremely late, here is the tale of my pre Christmas weekend tales.

This weekend in my house seemed to be all about food, we have all been so busy working in the run up to Christmas this weekend we finally got a chance to breath and enjoy a family meal together.

Which resulted in this beast arriving for dinner. I guess its what you get when your roast potato addicted father, hasn't had a roast dinner in at least a week and a half.

No vegetarians in this household, we are complete carnivores.

After completely stuffing ourselves, we busied ourselves with the next task & in my mind the most important activities of the holidays, decorating the tree!

We always have a real tree in our house and this year I think we got a beauty. It's pretty even all over and smells terrific.

After a couple of hours, a pan of slutty brownies (there will be a post on these VERY soon :) ) & one Michael Buble Christmas CD later, this was the final product.

I have to give credit for the tree to my mum, she's a class act when it comes to a Christmas tree. But don't fret bloggees, I'll be holding up my end of the workload once I decorate the sitting room and the rest of the house.

Other than a couple of last minute things to do, I'm almost totally set for Christmas and for the family to pile in on Wednesday.

How have your christmas preparations going? Any tips for those pesky fairy lights?

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