Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Drink Up Starbucks

Can I just say man, oh man, It is cold outside! 

This whole global warming is really starting to get on my nerves!
And I know what your thinking, If the problem is global warming then why isn't the sun shining?! Well smarty pants, due to Ireland's (Where I am right now) place in relation to the equator, Ireland will only get colder with global warming instead of actually warming. Unfair I know, sunshine all year round seems pretty good as I warm my frost bitten toes off a radiator.

I mean people in California seem pretty happy right?

Well, there can be plenty of bonuses to winter, and despite the cold, it is, my favorite time of year.

Christmas, fantasy inducing twinkle lights, comfy scarfs, roaring fires, strictly come dancing back on the TV, lazy Sundays, oh the list goes on!

But one of my favorite things has to be sugar coma inducing hot chocolate and syrupy coffees.
And, as a mucho fan of a good mocha, this year Starbucks has handed me down an early christmas gift. 

Feast your eyes on this bad boy!

Now I'm a definate Caramel Mocha girl out and out.

But this right here is a Peppermint Mocha!, yes you read right...Peppermint...Mocha!

So beautifully yummy and perfect for this festive time of year.

Well I'll take it at this point you have all run frantically away from your computer screens to the nearest Starbucks with your tongues hanging out.

So I'll say goodbye now! 

Happy Drinking All!! 

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