Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lets Nail This

What's that I hear, the ping pong sound of back to back Christmas office parties, dinners out and family drinks evenings. 

Yes indeedy its that time of year again! The time with the Little Black dress is worn more than anything and the seasonal heels are well and throughly dusted off. 

Now I have a style post coming your way, but it's still being fine tuned. 

So, today I thought I'd start with something that if done right can last you through all your nights out and adds *polish to any outfit - A good manicure! 

I've always been good with my nails, even being dubbed model hands in Secondary School.  (Hey, I've been called worse! ) I always figured that if Life plan 'A' didn't work out, I could always become a manicurist. 

My methods are simple, but hey most of the best methods are.

First off start by washing your hands, soak in hot water and give your hands a good ol scrub and apply a generous sum of your favourite hand cream. 
I like go for Green Angel, its infused with seaweed and feels wonderful. 

Next, take care of your cuticles I got given this ointment from a friend back in Australia. Its called PaPaw so I put it on my Paw Paws!

Its used for a million different things; burns, cuts, scars etc. But, I like it for my cuticles. It is hard to come by so chose your own poison wisely, there is nothing worse than butchered cuticles.

Now thats the paws taken care of, now on to the main dish - the nails!

I wear nail varnish quite a bit, so it's vital that even though your covered the nail, you keep them strong.   Think of it like the building and its foundations. 

I tried various things for this, having landed on Rimmel London nail rescue. One coat on before the nail varnish.

 If possible take a 2 week gap from polish every now and again coating this on everyday and you won't believe your nails after it. 

I go wild with the colours in Summer, but for Winter I go pretty traditional and go with some reds or nudes throughout the season. 

I'm an O.P.I  girl out and out and my colour of choice for the Christmas party time is a bottle of their 'Manicurist of Seville'. but they have tons of great reds and release more all the time. So choose one that suits you and it'll last you ages. 

There colours are strong so one coat could do, but if you want your manicure to last you a while go for 2 coats, even 3. 

And top off with a clear top coat for a seal and more shine. 
More shine at Christmas is mandatory! 

Looks pretty good right! 

Now go get your glam rags on, and party the Festive season away. 


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