Monday, 9 December 2013

Chunky Knits & Messy Hair

A bit of a relaxed post today.

I'm been quite busy lately working and this weekend I stood in front of the pile of clothes formally known as my wardrobe.

And, I came to a realisation (well several, but thats another story) I own a staggering amount of sweaters.

I admit openly I go gaga for a good sweater and at this time of year, all I want is a chunky comfy sweater to wrap up in and to let my messy blonde locks rock freely in the wind.

I guess you could all it my winter uniform, especially because where I'm working right now has no uniform and a casual festive vibe to it.

Another benefit of wearing sweaters and jeans most days; it really cuts down on outfit decision time in the early mornings, which means only one thing. MORE DUVET TIME. Bliss when all thats waiting outside is a frosty windscreen.

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