Friday, 13 December 2013

Disney Darling

I'm feeling in a Christmasy mood today, and with Christmas only days away,  I'm more than happy to start the celebrations a tad early.

While I do sympathise that yes Christmas can bring about plenty of stress and mournful groans from the old purse strings but Christmas for me -and I find this more and more the older i get- is about time with your family, some nice food, a bit of time away from work and enjoying the traditions you've had since you were a child and maybe now sharing them with your own children or any kids in your life.

And one big tradition for me is Disney!

Ever since I was little I have loved Disney. I was one of those lucky kids who had all the movies on VHS and literally watched them to death! I loved it. And now that I'm only It is such a home comfort to see an old disney movie on TV. 

After much deliberation, and those of you out there who have made this decision knows the agony of it! I finally chose my no.1 favourite Disney movie... Drumroll Please!.... Peter Pan.

Fly away with me?

And, every Christmas since I was a kid at some point in the festive season I sit down beside the fire and watch it.

 Of course, singing along to all the songs and being completely jealous I can’t fly!

Where is a bit of fairy dust when you need it!

Then is something just fantastically magical about a boy who never grows up and gets to live his life in a dream land. Seems like an alright way to spend ones life with dreaded thoughts of the alarm clock going off in the morning.

So the question I pose to you and one of my favourites to ask people; what is your favourite Disney movie? Sound off in the comments, and let me know.

Or, what are your favourite holiday traditions to take part in ?

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