Monday, 16 December 2013

My Festive Loves

Ok, So if you're a frequent reader of Because Amy Says you'll know by now I love Christmas. 

I've listed my many loves of this time of year already, but one I forgot to mention is Tumblr this time of year. I love it! Every time I log on its like looking into Santa's Grotto, should you follow the right blogs. 

So as an early gift to you, and to perhaps to get all you readers into the Festive spirit. 

Here's little collection of my favourite Christmas inspired Tumblr finds. 


You can also look at these and more on my own Tumblr page

This last picture I had to give its own solo spot. How cute, I love it so much I'm thinking about making 
it my christmas card this year. 

I hope this spot did the trick my readers and you're now off to wrap gifts or bake gingerbread. Speaking of which, If you have any good recipes for some, send them my way!

I'm also thinking of making this Tumblr selections a regular thing on the blog, what do you think?

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