Friday, 20 December 2013

Dreaming of The Beach

Now I love winter, I do and if you're a frequent reader of B.A.S. then you'll know all the reasons I do.

But when your fingers are frozen to a heater is a freezing cold marquee attempting to sell smoked salmon in the dead of Winter, your mind begins to wander.

And my mind goes straight wanderlust.

And right now I'm planning my bucket list of travels for 2014.

I am extremely fortunate that I have lots of friends all over the world so when I travel I like to go to the places they live and not only journey around a new place but also catch up with people I don't get to see a lot.

So this is my wander-list (see what I did there, hehe) for 2014 so far.

Dubrovnik; Its been on my list for a while now and It's pretty much at the top now ever since I started watching Games of Thrones. (which just happens to be filmed in Old Town Dubrovnik) Just look at that crystal water, the sunshine... Teleporting superpowers would be SO good right now! 

Bruges, I just want to wonder around this place. There's something a little magical/medieval about it. Somewhere I badly want to tick off the bucket list. 

Copenhagen, My uncle lives here with his family, but I've never been! Shocking I know, but the last few times my Mum and Dad have gone I'm been busying or away myself. Its a beautiful european city and a definite place to go. 

Florence, ever since I started studying Art History I've wanted to go here and never leave all the wonderful museums and stare at the masterpieces of the city for hours. And it just so happens an American friend of mine is doing a semester study abroad there in the New Year. Hmmm, decisions ;) 

Now, I already have a job lined up for new Summer for June, July and August in a terrific Arts Summer Camp, and when I'm in America I always do my best to get a trip to the greatest city in the world, New York City baby. I love NYC and I want to perhaps live there someday but for now I'm happy to spend as much time there as I can until then.

But I'm also so eager to see other parts of the USA. I've been stateside several times over the years, but I've only ever been around the East Coast, from Rhode Island, Boston up to NYC. So when I'm over this Summer If I'm lucky enough and I can get enough time and money together there are a couple spots I definitely want to check out. 

A dear friend of mine lives in California, I haven't seen her in a couple of years which is so sad because from the moment we met, she became a sister from another mister to me. So Cali... I hear you calling my name. 

New Orleans, this place for me needs no introduction. Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, I want to go there and just soak it in. Let the jazz set in and learn all the juicy history all over the french quarter. 

Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch admittedly, but I have a feeling it might be a wild card for me this year as to whether or not I'll go. But it's on the list either way. I have... a lot! of friends and family living all over Australia right now. I was there 3 years ago and just loved it. So who knows, never say never. 

I make these lists all the time and they grow rapidly but I've been working like crazy this last month and I'm hoping to put as much of the money I have earned as possible into my next set of travels, ticking off this list as I go.

Do you have any travels planned this coming year? Or any dream places you want to go to? Sounds off in the comments and let me know. Maybe theres a hidden gem thats missed my list.

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