Wednesday, 29 October 2014

# The One I Want Chanel No. 5

Have you all seen the new Chanel Campaign with Gisele Bundchen #theonethatiwant

Now, I'm a lover of Chanel through and through but I am particularly in love with this video. 

Not only does it contain a chill enduring rendition of my favourite Grease song but also the wonderful Michiel Huism! The name doesn't sound familiar you say, well one look at the face and you won't be saying that! 
He is the soldier dreamboat in Game Of Thrones Daario Naharis, bad boy musician Liam McGuiness in Nashville and everyone's favourite Mountain Dad Cal Morrison from Orphan Black. Thats right he's a man to know and remember folks. Next time you might just be seeing him in upcoming movie Adeline alongside Blake Lively! 

Have a look through the stills of Gisele and once again be reminded why she is the goddess we all know and aspire to before taking a peak at the full video below. 

What do you think of the campaign? I'm loving the surf vibe showing up, what are your thoughts? 

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