Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Love is a curious thing

OK, so there is been a slight error in uploading the remaining pictures from my trip to London. In that they simply won't - Blogger gods, why must you mock me! 

So for today, I thought I'd let you in on something I was thinking about recently...

Love, it really is a very curious and fascinating thing.

Masters of the mind and world have spent centuries trying to figure it out, but sadly to no avail.
Poets and writers the world over have spent copious amounts of time, money and energy describing and observing its effects.

But lets face it, we'll never really understand it fully and the power it has over the human subconscious.
It can make us walk on coals, spend our life savings and push us to every limit we know.
But in my mind I think this image and quote I stumbled upon last night sums it up quite nicely.

I think your on to something Bob.

Bob Marley, always good for a line.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, If your one of the lucky ones, and have someone you love more than anything then count your blessings and make sure that person knows how much you love them.

If you haven't found them yet, don't fret, you never know what fate has waiting around your corner.
And remember, a smile and a hello can change your life.

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