Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 Seconds Of Insane Courage

Have you ever been faced with a situation, and you knew in that very moment that your next move could land you at two very different outcomes.

Well I have; its a weird thing honestly. A bit like time has frozen and you're having an out of body experience.

Then the devil and the angel show up; the angel will normally whisper 'Stay with the safe option, you won't miss what you never had, etc' and the devil taking the opposite approach encouraging the wilder option.

These two never hang about for long, and puff! Just like that, they are gone and you're left with the seemingly impossible feat of speaking, deciding, moving.

For years I always went safe option, until one day I realised I was missing out on experiences and fun that others were enjoying. And who wants one!

After that I realised something that was beautifully summed up to me years later as '5 seconds of insane courage'. A brilliant idea, right?

All we ever need is 5 seconds of insane courage to rapidly change of lives - Ask your boss for that raise, press send on the text to that cute guy (normally after reading it 25 times first of course), sign the mortgage papers for your first house or even sign up for helicopter lessons.

However you must be prepared that the outcome may not be what we expect, and believe me I certainly am someone who likes to weigh the options, but in my experience we often end up regretting the moments we let pass us by, rather than the ones we bravely dive head into.

So with the weekend ahead of you, why not heed my advice and go ahead and dive.

5 seconds is all it takes... You better hurry, Your 5 seconds just started.

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