Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

I've often heard people complain and ask why certain people are celebrities.

I know it is a curious fact, the whole celebrity thing.

But early this evening I think I may have cracked it and discovered why certain people become famous and everyone wants to know who they are and everything about them.

This is why...
Why yes, this is me normal...

Celebrities have an innate ability to be flawless, a large percent of the time at least.

It's our obsession with this fact that makes us want to follow their every move.

I mean just look Miss Keira Knightly... How many of us, strictly speaking normal people can look like this when caught up in the wind?

I usually end of more to this liking...
Yum, Hair for lunch!

One if the many things I love to do in Winter is go for long walks on Wintery peaceful beaches and across sand dunes. But I am often affected but the windswept look going dreadfully wrong. 

Any of you guys out there have a similar problem? How do you tackle it?

**This is not a fact, or possibly any way true. But merely my own notion. :) 

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