Monday, 10 November 2014

Branson Knows Best

Any Downton Abbey Fans out there? If so, you are looking at a fellow devotee. 

I had instance love for The Abbey since 2010... Wow 4 years ago! How time flies. 

I've adored Branson in the show since his arrival downstairs to his emergents in the world upstairs. His character is wonderfully written full of elegance and acted as such by the wonderful Allen Leech. 

I was wondering about online and I came across this Branson quote from a past season and I absolutely love and agree with it. 

Granted we could sit around and quote Downton Characters until the cows come home but I really do hold a candle to this one. 

But enough of that... What did you think of the Downton Abbey Finale Last night?! 

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