Monday, 10 February 2014

Morning Keele!

So I'm not sure If I mention this to you all but my best friend lives in another country.

I know it's incredibly inconsiderate of her to leave me, but I've given her a pass seeing as she's there to learn stuff from very large books.

But it does give me a excuse to travel a little more and last weekend I finally got the time to jump the pond and visit her in University.

I arrived on a Friday afternoon amid miserable English January weather and hopped on the train, my preferred mode of travel on land and left Birmingham straight up to Stoke and on to Keele.

I read & watched some old episodes of That 70s Show on the train but the journey was a comfortable yet dull one so of course boredom selfies (Below, Left) ensued. 

I was wonderfully greeted my a waiting buddy at the Train Station, it was the cutest thing ever and I love her for that kind of stuff. 
I arrived in her Uni room bursting for the loo, I leave my phone unattended for a couple of minutes and I find this (Above, right) on my phone... clearly we are 'meant to be' best friends. 

The following morning after a good catch up chat, a fab meal cooked by Ks roommate and a good nights sleep we ventured out to blow off the cobwebs and I was given the grand tour of Keele, well the old parts anyway. 

Ok this is not the most exciting thing and you might be able to see but this is the largest collection of squirrels EVER. There were at least 7 just hanging out as we strolled past. 
I wonder what a pack of squirrels are called? Anyone know?

K very proud of the beauty of her Uni. 

I swear I have some Harry Potter flashbacks in this Courtyard.

Me pretending to be a Student and also pretty excited I could reach the top! 

And au naturale for us, one more selfies of us leaving our stroll behind and thoroughly wind swept ready for the next part of our day. 

On to Birmingham we go...

But lets not get ahead of our selves now, more on that tomorrow. 

Also apologies on some of the grainy images, being the clever clogs that I am I remembered to pack my camera charger...and not the camera itself. I know, smarty pants right? 

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