Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Afternoon Birmingham

After being thoroughly wind swept on our morning walk we thought perhaps some retail therapy was needed. 

We hopped the train to Birmingham and indulged a little in the fashion department but the major splurge came much later.  

But jumping in and out of dressing rooms and shuffling the rails can be quite tiring so we headed on to Wagamamas for lunch. As you can tell I was quite excited. 

After Lunch we headed back out into the breeze and charged down the Old part of Birmingham. 

My major splurging of the day came instead in this place, the fabulous Waterstones. A chain of vintagely decorated book stores in England.  

Just look at that ceiling. It just gives me to feeling of History and learning, like great thoughts might have been thought underneath it. 

Me and K spent at least an hour rumbling through the shelves. Once meeting with these books in our hands. Can you guess who held which ? Hint - I've got a thing for stripes *wink wink. 

Once I found the fashion section, K had to rip me off the shelves only on the promise to bury me there some day. 

Lets just say, I was in love and might have come away with more than my fair share of books or perhaps a dozen... I won't tell if you don't. 

After exchanging my pennies for pages and still a little time before out train home we decided to indulge in that of the sweet variety. Cafe Nero hot chocolates did just the treat!

As you can see it perked us up to no end. 

And it also gave K a chance to take out the Tarot Cards she had bought, she read my fortune which was quite happiness ridden, so I was a happy duck. 

K even showed me how to do it, though as you can see she wasn't as happy with her cards, perhaps I need to read the manual a bit more! 

Aside from the cards, it was a great, if not too short of a weekend full of laughter and fun.

And I have one thing to tell K who is undoubtedly reading - COME HOME SOON! I miss you. 

Now I just have no problem, where will I go next?!

Any suggestions  ? 

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