Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Netflix // Buffy The Vampire Slayer

So yes I have jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. I resisted for a very long time but once I arrived home for Christmas to see a Netflix ready Smart Tv well... my fate was sealed. 

I've watched a few different series over the last couple of months so I thought Id start sharing what Ive been loving on Netflix lately. 

My current obsession is Buffy The Vampire Slayer! 

I am one of those few people who had NEVER seen Buffy so after I realised several of my now friends were complete Slayer Heads back in the day I thought I better educate myself!

...I am so glad I did! 

There are several reasons why I'm loving Buffy and here a couple of the top ones - 

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar - The attitude ridden, vampire kicking blonde bombshell is truly underneath it a feminist icon. I can see why a generation was obsessed!

2. David Boreanaz aka Angel - That chiselled jaw line and 'look into your soul' eyes... lets just say I can totally see why Buffy was willing to walk on the wild side. 

3. Prime side kicks - Buffy is completely spoiled with the flock of kick ass side kicks in Sunnydale; Willow (Alyson Hannigan, you know my love for you is eternal) Giles and yes even Cordy!

4. 90s Fashion - Buffy's highlights, perfect never changing lipsticks, platformed heels for mini golf and leopard chop tops... 90s you were quite the decade!

5. Xander - Dorky, loveable and funny... this one needs no explanation. 

What are you guys watching on Netflix right now, I've still got 5 season of Buffy to go but once all the vampires are dust I'll need some recommendations. Sound off in the comments. 

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